Expectations From New Service Chiefs

Expectations From New Service Chiefs
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Following recent appointments of the service chiefs by President Muhammadu Buhari last week, AljazirahÑlgeria’s Wisdom Onyeisi went round the city of Abuja to sample the opinions of Nigerians on their expectations from the new services chiefs.



This is what the president should have done long ago.

The new service chiefs, I Believe; will introduce new and better strategies to put an end to insurgency and banditry in Nigeria. I will advise them to critically employ strategies and make tangible decisions and bold steps that will help abort the activities of terrorists in the country.


I congratulate all of the service chiefs. They should not forget that to whom much is given, much is expected. It’s not just an honour, it is a call to take full responsibility and esoterically discharge their duties without any form of compromise. Nigerians has suffered enough in the hands of herdsmen and other terrorists. We need change at all cost, we can’t remain like this. So, I indulge them not to allow anyone influence them wrongly.


We, the citizens of the country have been yearning for a better Nigeria in the area of security. It is now a very strong area that requires urgent action. Our lives are no longer safe because of the activities of terrorists, bandits and other miscreants in the country. People can no longer travel by roads without attack or kidnapping by herdsmen. We need proper structuring and application of intelligence to tackle it. The service chiefs should take the lead and put total end to insecurity in the country.

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They were not just honoured but should immediately switch into work. Insecurity in Nigeria is becoming too bad. Nigerians want to feel secure in their country. They should immediately make necessary plans to fight and put an end to the activities of terrorists. Our major challenge in this country is the corruption at the top, if they are not bought over; I believe they will do well. Congratulations to them.


They should not disappoint Nigerians again. It’s not an entitlement, it is an opportunity to prove to Nigerians that we can have and maintain absolute peace in the country through their leadership. 


The president has played his part, they are left to serve or worsen the situation of insecurity in this country. They should remove anyone within their jurisdiction truncating the efforts of the presidency and security personnel’s with regards to security matters in this country. If they can be discipline enough, I believe they will do well.

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I don’t have any expectation. I know they will still do the same thing others did. It’s a pattern and a style for them. Nothing can change it. They know the terrorists, they know all of the people troubling the peace of this country but they will not do anything because they are  playing politics with it. If they can try to resist the interference of some evil politicians in this country and professionally discharge their duties with boldness, insecurity will become a thing of the past in Nigeria.


For me, a change of service chiefs does not guarantee a stop in the insecurity in because there is no proper structure. They should make proper adjustment and reappointment within their jurisdiction and employ intelligent strategies on how to tackle insecurity. They should lead by example; move into work and not to relax because their families are safe.


I believe they will not just tell stories this time. Nigerians are tired of stories. We are waiting and hoping to see improvement in tackling insecurity in the country. I believe God will strengthen them to restore balance in the security of this country. Congratulations to them.


This is time Nigerians need them to act. They should not relent. They should go into work and fish out this terrorists and bandits. I believe their new positions were given to them to reposition the security state of Nigeria. We have high expectations from them because to whom much is given, much is expected.

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There is no expectation for me. I know they will continue from others stop. At all level, our leaders have failed us. Expecting so much from these ones is like preparing to dash our hope. Whatever they feel they can do, they should do in sincerity and honesty. Our people are dying daily because of the atrocities of the terrorists. They should take Nigerians to heart and work diligently.


Nothing more than sincerity and diligence. The president has done well by the new appointment. Nigerians right now want the service chiefs to strictly tackle insecurity and bring to book those behind it and every area in Nigeria should be well covered.


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