#Endsars: Yoruba Political Leader; Who The Cap Fits!

#Endsars: Yoruba Political Leader; Who The Cap Fits!
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The Yoruba race, ‘our region’ has been faced with leadership crisis ever since exit of the late Sage Awolowo. This was followed by Pa Ajasin and then Sen Abraham Adesanya. The region has since been thrown into serious controversy ever since their demise not until some groups gathered in Ibadan to appoint Prof.

Akintoye as the Yoruba Leader. This generated several controversies by some notable groups of prominent Yoruba sons and thus throw up the leadership question again.

Judging by the brief historical background here, until Prof. Akintoye’s choice it’s clear that the leaders of the region has been an ‘SUV’ with all factors needed in the leadership of the region and with the national question, region development and progress as top on the agenda.


This is a major departure to what we now have as a region. It is also important to stress here that the leaders evolve from the people and none was ever at anytime imposed on the race as we now seems to see from the recent crops of ‘leaders’ that we have.

Without been immodest, two persons would have been in the best position to coordinate the dream and aspiration of devolution of power, state or regional police, resource control and regional autonomy etc in the region but the opportunity was bungled by them based on their inability to coordinate and bring together likes mind devoid of politics just the way the former leaders did while in the saddle of leadership. While one can pardon some errors, this in particular is difficult to pardon.

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The two persons that events threw up in the region that has capacity to coordinate, lead and give viable direction along the demands of the region are: Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Olusegun Mimiko. There are others no doubt, but the two mentioned are from the source.

Reason been that both were traditional members of the referred ‘Afenifere’ until the centre could not hold again. It was Bola Ahmed Tinubu that first took wrong decision based on his activities as a sitting Governor seeking second term during which major stakeholders were undermined, the rest is now history.

No doubt he started with tendency of proper coordination, which led to bringing together some likes mind under the ‘Afenifere Renewal Group’, Aimee at ‘rebirthing Afenifere’ to some pundits this was a major aberration to the original known and accepted structure of ‘Afenifere’.

Let me say here, while the idea was laudable the intention was later discovered to rival and break the monopoly of Afenifere in the region. Brilliant minds, some of our best hands were involved and the support base was large but because the foundation was faulty the rest is history today. it collapses without ability to push further the mass agenda it set to achieve for the Yoruba nation.( I don’t want to mention names), and inability to produce young successors makes the old horse to still lead and direct till now. While our old referred leaders endeavors to reproduce and produce successors, the recent leaders don’t believe in such legacy.

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BAT has popularly called, no doubt gained reasonable level of acceptability until when he starts deviating and beyond all he has several unanswered questions particularly around his academics. Yoruba people won’t entrust their leadership or who they defer to, to who has baggage’s.

Events in the region threw up other persons, prominent among them was Dr Olusegun Mimiko, the former Governor of Ondo State. He has the fines, understands the concept of devolution of power and Yoruba question deeply, a grassroot person. He showed his acumen when he was to run for second term as Governor of Ondo State, it was a major political battle with Tinubu. Most people see it as a final battle and that who so ever win should be accepted despite all limitations to coordinate and lead and give directives to the region.

The battle was intense, but at the end, Iroko as popularly called won and in a popular way. How did he handle the victory recorded then is now history as what most pundits expects from him concerning the region wasn’t done. He was most strategically placed to start assemblage of minds needed in the region, either to empower them and make them visible in governance structure but we lost that to state politics.

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It’s on record then that the campaign was issue based with regional autonomy in the forefront in south west region. All this was lost and till now nobody is consciously coordinating or directing the next generation on what is needed to be done.

We have exceptional people in the region, conscious layers but where are they all today? What has happened to our collective ideology, what has become of our self determination groups and who is really fit to coordinate effectively the new Yoruba Movement? Our traditional group ‘Afenifere’ although still functional majority refers to them as ‘analogue’ and no traces of succession.

We must rise now to start coordination, to start the search for who is fit to give directives again. Our inability to do so now will be dangerous in the near future. Assemblage of likes mind, devoid of political affiliations is important for the region and the time is NOW! This is a clarion call to our people especially those of my ‘age bracket’. This is the time to Act!

Morgan Omodu
Political Secretary to Former Speaker, Federal House of Reps.


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