#EndSARS; Not Yet Uhuru……

#EndSARS; Not Yet Uhuru……
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The tensions arising from the violence, which followed the peaceful #EndSARS protests are still very much around with us. The brewing tension unfortunately, is no longer being orchestrated by the class of those young largely educated, intelligent and peaceful protesters, but rather, a class of hugely uneducated, pauperised and frustrated Nigerians, whose consciousness became re-awakened by the #EndSARS protests.

Now, while it is easy to disperse the Sòrò Sókè generation with options of dialogue, state sponsored thugs and use of the police and the military, these set of army of anger on the streets, are ready to confront the above options with Violence, not minding the aftermath, including death.


Driving around Lagos, what i have seen from FESTAC town yesterday, to Ikeja this morning, added to my daily encounters with these army of young unemployed, underemployed, uneducated, frustrated, and sometimes state groomed ‘area boys’ suggests that what may likely happen next, could be unimaginable, if we don’t immediately commence a process of DE-ESCALATION of the tension, and embark on a community based engagement, of our people.


If anyone anywhere, is deceiving this regime, or any of our State governments, particularly in Yoruba land that the use of FORCE may be instrumental in preventing the impeding IMPLOSION, let such people bury the thought and come over to the street. The reality is that, no amount of force can prevent this army of anger, except positive civil engagements.

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Reality also remains, that no government action or promises by political leaders, may be effective enough, to address the situation on our hands, except through an effective engagement of the young people from the top to the grassroots level, particularly in Yoruba land.

It may be easy for some of our people, to sit in the comfort of their air conditioned rooms, or keep reading the opinions of ABOBAKU media Influencers, and think the #EndSARS and it’s aftermath are over, the reality on the streets is OPPOSITE.

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We have a duty to protect lives and properties from further destruction, we have to heal the wounds of the past destructions and this can never be achieved by the loud noises of the barrels.

Time to act is now.

Olufemi Lawson
Lagos, 16-11-2020


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