#EndSARS Hoodlums: Mixed Feelings About The Looting And Vandalism Spree

#EndSARS Hoodlums: Mixed Feelings About The  Looting And Vandalism Spree
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While mixed reactions continue to trail the recent vandalism and looting by #EndSARS hoodlums, the police and other authorities are continuing counting loses. More than 10 police officers lost their lives while scores of police stations were either vandalized and/or burnt down, with police uniforms or ammunition carted away.

Private properties and even youth oriented organization were not spared as the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) office in Abuja was also looted with impunity. The NYSC are still searching for their looted gears, other properties; and the looters up till today.

Various warehouses were also, especially razed during this time, with angry and delighted (almost simultaneously) mob daring security personnel’s with their lives to gain access to ware houses. Starting from Lagos state to Edo state, Kaduna state to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Delta State. Oyo State, etcetera, the ultimate search with Covid-19 palliatives, office equipment and appliances, even building materials carted away apiece, the show was alarming! Authorities have not been able to put a figure to the lost up until now. They are still counting!


Not only government infrastructures were looted or vandalized. Private properties were also touched as can be witnessed in the looted Yakubu Dogara’s house in Jos, Senator Teslim Folarin house being looted at Oluyole, Ibadan, and Senator Ndoma Egba’s house that was set on fire; among others. The looting spree and vandalism was an indication of at least two things. That there is significant poverty in the land and that the life style of some of our leaders and elites did not go unnoticed and so have caused a boiling point repressive anger overtime.

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Roachas Okorochas, former governor, who is now representing Imo West senatorial district in the Senate insinuated this when he talked about “unfair leadership for a long time.” While he sympathised with the families who lost their beloved ones during the demonstration

And so, it was natural for some people to argue that the federal government and other authorities should not punish anybody arrested in connection with the looting and vandalism spree that almost tear the nation apart, but rather to just set them free as their actions were borne out of unfair leadership and poverty. Some even argued that the authorities and the elites are wicked and it serves them right, as they do not have the interest of the poor masses at heart; “Imagine! Amidst this hunger, government still have the audacity to be hoarding palliatives items that were donated by NGOs and other notable organistions and meant to be distributed to the poor masses during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. This our leaders are wicked.” Said one James in the FCT.

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Though others differ in their opinion on the looting spree. They insist that perpetrators of those lootings and vandalism must not go scot-free and must be brought to book or else our society becomes lawless. One also wonder the motive behind the prison breaks that also happened at Edo State and Lagos State especially, during the time. It is very clear that the hoodlums that hijacked the peaceful #EndSARS protests did not meant well for our civilization.

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Well, we have a far more serious issue at hand to deal with now. The police uniforms and ammunitions that were carted away from looted and vandalized police stations are definitely and still in the hands of some miscreants somewhere now. The implication of this is that we cannot any more sleep with our two eyes closed. We now have more criminals on our streets, and on our roads and in our midst than seven weeks ago!


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