Emefiele, Long-awaited Worthy Successor, Says Support Group

Emefiele, Long-awaited Worthy Successor, Says Support Group

By Deborah Musa, Abuja

The Emefiele Support group, ESG, yesterday declared that the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) Governor, Mr Godwin Emefiele, is the right and worthy candidate to take over from President Muhammadu Buhari in managing Nigeria into the right direction.

The ESG disclosed that this was what prompted three independent groups to purchase the All Progressives Congress(APC) nomination of interest form of N100Million for the Apex Bank Governor with the plea that Emefiele should join the race, which he is yet to respond to.

Although, it is believed that he will not maintain his silence for too long as he has to either accept or decline the invite in the coming days.

When the groups where asked why, the groups explained that the expiration of the time set out for the purchase of forms was near and without the express decision of the Governor to join in the race, hence, they decided to put matters into their hands and purchased the form for him, with the hope that Emefiele will finally give in to the pressure that has been on him for months now. 

One of the groups, ESG’s spokesperson, noted that “this would be their last card in getting Godwin Emefiele to join the race, and she hopes that he will not let the hard-earned resources gathered from these hardworking individuals that believe so much in him, go to waste. 

“She reiterated that the CBN Governor is the long-awaited worthy successor to President Buhari. The CBN Governor represents the character and quality required to continue, consolidate and expand on the legacies of the President. In addition to being a loyalist and an insider who has been part of the recorded progress of this administration, his passion and drive for economic development are commended globally. 

Hence the groups behind the purchase of the form see this action as vital in getting the best candidate for the job. They hope to get a positive response and an official statement from the Governor in the coming days.

The group added that the need for the Apex Governor to deploy his vast experience in turning the country around for the overall benefits of citizens and the outside world, was its motivation to take the bull by the horn by pulling their resources together to purchase the APC Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms for him.

It was reported that Since the news broke out about Emefiele joining the the list of candidates who have picked up forms to run, there has been excitement, suspense, and anxiety at the APC headquarters as the CBN Governor is yet to make any official statement in response to the purchase of the form. 

The news has also generated different reactions from both supporters and critics on social media.

However, the CBN Governor has remained silent despite this bold and courageous action from his supporters. For months now, since the pressure on him to run, he has only come out once to state that he is focused on his job as the CBN Governor and will not be distracted by the drums of support he is getting. 

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