Electronic Transmission Of Results Passed By The Senate: Nigerians Speak

by Aljazirah news | October 18, 2021 9:59 am

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The Senate listened to the demand of the  public by adopting the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC’s position to transmit election results electronically to improve on the credibility of the nation’s electoral process. AljazirahNigeria’s correspondent, Wisdom Onyeisi went round the city of Abuja to sample public opinion on the issue.


Usman Umar


It is good news and a very welcome development in the country. It shows Nigeria is advancing to the right ways of doing things. It will also help the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) to process and manage the results truthfully without brazen rigging and unwarranted influence by politicians and loss of INEC staff. I believe every Nigerian who knows the meaning and understands what the Senate has done will applaud them because many Nigerians believe that votes do not count in our elections because of the system. With this development, Nigerians will have confidence in the system and I urged President Buhari to as a matter of urgency sign the bill into law.

The NASS should have approved electronic voting too so as to have hundred percent support of the electorate and reduce expenditure in conducting elections.

Peter Chikweruba

I am very happy that the Senate has finally agreed to toe the line of INEC. It shows we have members of the Senate who understand the reason for being elected. They were elected to make laws that will help advance our dear country and not to manipulate things. Although this decision came as a result of the pressures mounted on them by the members of the public to adopt the system of electronic transmission of results. I thank God that the Senate listened to cries of the Civil Society Organizations, Dr. Ebele Jonathan’s plea and many other well meaning Nigerians who meant well for our country.  I salute the courage of President of the Senate Ahmad Lawan and the APC Senators who saw reasons by thinking Nigeria and not the party.

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 INEC should put necessary machinery in motion to checkmate politicians to guard against manipulation. And I urge Mr President not to delay in signing this bill into law.

E. S. Lawal

Honestly, this is really the best coming from the members of the Senate since the inception of the 9th NASS as they are only known to be approving loans and all that comes from the President. Nigeria has moved to the next level with the introduction of electronic transmission of results. I also think that electoral malpractice will reduce drastically. The members of the Senate have earned the trust of Nigerians by this singular decision, I think that this is the first time the 9th Senate stood with the Nigerian masses.  Once elections are over, results will be transmitted to the INEC head office. INEC can now be trusted.

Henry Ikpendu

It is very good news. The Senate has finally done the right thing and I believe Nigerians are very happy with the new law and the introduction of electronic transmission of results. Nigerians are super excited and personally I commend the Senate for doing the right thing. It shows we still have good spirited members of the Senate who understand why they were elected into the position. Nigerians should take advantage of this new system and make sure they elect the right person to lead this nation. I am also using this privilege to tell all the corrupt politicians in Nigeria to quit politics and get a new job because this system will reduce manipulation.

Iniobong Bassey

Well, it is what they should have done for long if not that they were looking for how to continue progressing in error and the country stagnant. The introduction of electronic transmission of results is a very smart way of coordinating the activities of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in every election. Nigerians should use this opportunity to make good decisions in the forthcoming 2023 general election. I know that if our so-called politicians can no longer manipulate results, then they will employ a new way of manipulating the minds of Nigerians. Very soon you will see gifts and many opportunities that will be opened for Nigerians, to get their votes.

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INEC should also include expunging vote buying and anything that looks like it. We must get it right this time. I begged President Buhari to assent to this electoral reform bill this time because he has enjoyed the rejected bad system of conducting elections and now he must leave to the peoples’ demand.

Rufus Anderson

The Senate has done well by choosing to pull Nigeria out from its outdated system. I sincerely commend them for such a decision after a long debate. I also want to commend Nigerians who mounted pressure on the Senate to do the right thing. Now, it is a new era for all Nigerians. I strongly believe that with this system many things about the electoral results will change. Politicians should never try to have their way because Nigerians have learnt bitter lessons. I believe it is a golden opportunity to rearrange the system of leadership in Nigeria. I will also use this opportunity to suggest to the members of the Senate to pass it into law that no Nigerian president, governor, minister; commissioner is allowed to travel abroad for any medical checkup.

The use of thugs that carry ballot boxes should be criminalised and reduce the number of security men on election duty. By doing so the country will reduce the cost of conducting elections.

J.k Nmadu

It is a very good development. The only problem I have is not just with the politicians but with many Nigerians who have refused to sit down and trace the track records of those who are contesting for positions in government. They seem to forget all they have passed through for four or eight years. Nigerians should be wise and accept all the good gifts from these politicians because it is not their own, it is coming from the treasury of the country. I am sounding to every Nigerian to learn from past leaders and choose wisely because we should be tired of being treated like trash in their own country. This new system is expected to change our ways of thinking and embrace the new system that is introduced.  I join other well meaning Nigerians to thank the leadership of the Senate, Sen. Ahmad Lawan and other APC senators who shifted ground to do what the masses want.

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Bassey Isong

Finally, they have decided to do the right thing. I believe that they may have sat down to find ways to influence the system before they accepted it. I don’t trust the leaders in this country. I also believe that it will go a long way in bringing acceptability in the electoral results.  The Senate should not just pass the law and leave it. They should also look into the leadership system in Nigeria and make good laws that will Favour the masses and help the nation to grow. The Senate should checkmate the systems and structures in Nigeria and begin to change it because some of this leaders has taken advantage of the law to perpetuate crime

I think with this milestone achievement, Nigerians will have the interest to participate in the next state or general elections immediately President Buhari signs to the bill.


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