Electricity Tariff Hike: Nigerians Speak

Electricity Tariff Hike: Nigerians Speak
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Following the announcement by Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission on the proposed plan by the Federal government to increase electricity tariff in spite of the fact that the last increment generated a lot of controversy and did not yield the desired result as Nigerians still live in Darkness, what do you think about the proposed increase of electricity tariffs? AljazirahÑigeria’s Wisdom Onyeisi and Salome Unwuchola went round the city of Abuja to sample the opinions of Nigerians.

Grace Ikpendu


I think they should deal with the inconsistent power supply first before thinking of the tariff increment.

They should give us light constantly for like 3-6 months, to show us they have kept to their words of constant power supply and then increase the tariff a little afterwards.

Isaac Utah

Electricity tariff is not a major issue facing Nigeria. They should be concerned about the insecurity challenges in Nigeria. They want to increase Tariff when Nigerians are not enjoying what they are paying for. No constant power supply even in some areas has totally broken down. We are tired of these visionless leaders who are selfish and are in position just to make themselves and family happy.

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Collins Ovie

They should reform power supply in Nigeria. Make power available at all times, then increase the tariffs we will pay. We can be paying for what we are not using.  Meanwhile, what are they doing with the revenue generated from Nigerian resources? Why has this government chosen to make life difficult for Nigerians? Hardship is the country and they are planning to increase electricity tariffs. They should leave electricity tariff and focus on how to fight and put an end to bandits and kidnapping in Nigeria.

Oluwaseun Adebayo

I wonder why this government is making life unbearable for Nigerians. Increasing electricity tariffs when Nigerians are still in darkness is total wickedness. They should be thinking of how to make it easy for everyone to pay rather than increasing it. This government borrowed billions from China and other countries, yet there is nothing to show for it. They probed and recovered money embezzled by some leaders, yet there is nothing tangible they used it for. Where are we going in this country? How can a whole country be scattered and unorganized like this? Nigeria needs structuring and good leadership.

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Ubong Efiong

This is a government that has no shame at all. At this critical state in Nigeria, all they are thinking about is how to inflate more poverty in the country.  If they had shame, they would have known that what they are thinking of doing will jeopardize things in Nigeria. By the way, how many times do we make use of this power? Nigerians are in darkness and those enjoying the government want to make things difficult for others. It’s purely wickedness and the government should never try to do that.

Sandra Akum

I am not surprised because I knew from the beginning the mission of this government. They are never for the people. Why will Nigerians pay for what is not meeting their needs? We are tired of this government. It’s really getting too much. Government should please leave the tariff and plan on how to move this country forward.

Zakir Amed

Nigerians are still struggling to pay for the present tariff plan and they are planning to increase it. What have Nigerians done to this government? Who is advising these leaders?  What are they really up to? Government should be focused and leave tariffs alone. Nigerians are suffering and everyone is trying to make ends meet. This is one of the things contributing to the insecurity issues. They are making life difficult and yet want the people to remain loyal.

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Alex Obi

This is not the right time to bring up the increment of tariffs. Covid-19 has destabilized many people, companies and individual plans. Government should be patient enough so that things will balance and be properly fixed. Nigerians are trying to manage this hard time, it will be wise if the government can consider and help the people at this point instead of increasing anything in the country.


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