Ekweremadus In Facility That Holds Perpetrators Of High Profile Crimes

Ekweremadus In Facility That Holds Perpetrators Of High Profile Crimes

Since the news of the arrest of Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his wife Beatrice Nwanneka broke on June 23, the duo have remained in detention. The London Metropolitan Police had charged the couple with conspiracy to traffic a child to the United Kingdom in order to harvest organs.

The police said the charges followed an investigation by the London Metropolitan Police Specialist Crime team.

“The investigation was launched after detectives were alerted to potential offences under modern slavery legislation in May 2022”.

Beatrice Ekweremadu has been remanded in HMP Bronzefield Prison, London, a Category A woman’s prison in Surrey that has developed a reputation as one of the UK’s most violent women’s institutions and has a veritable collection of infamous inmates to its name including terrorists, murderers, arsonists and monster mums.

HMP Bronzefield is the largest female prison in the country and has a capacity of 527 inmates – many of whom have been jailed for despicable things.Inmates at the sprawling mega jail have said that violence is commonplace within its walls and have even claimed some women have had boiling water thrown over their faces.

It is a prison where inmates, remanded persons and staff have reported as a den of surprise attacks.In 2020, former prisoner Sophie Campbell made a series of shocking allegations about the facility including that some prisoners gave sexual favours to guards for better treatment.

HMP Bronzefield is an adult and young offender female prison located on the outskirts of Ashford in Surrey, England.

Bronzefield is the only purpose-built private prison solely for women in the UK, and is the largest female prison in Europe.The prison is operated by Sodexo Justice Services.

According to Sodexo Justice Services, the facility accommodates 572 women and comprises four house blocks housing approximately 130 women on each one.

“Each wing has a servery unit for women to collect their food which they can choose to eat together on the wing or take back to their cells. We provide telephones in each room which is integral in helping women to maintain their family ties”, the services said on its website.

“The women are unlocked at 08:00hrs for breakfast and to receive any medication they may require.

At 09:00hrs the women will go to their lessons or work. They will break for lunch at 12:00hrs for two hours. In the afternoon they will return to their work location.

At 16:30hrs the women will return to their house-blocks for association and dinner before lock up at 18:45hrs”, it added.

Frankie Smith, 20, was initially jailed for just eight years, however this has now been increased to 12 years after her lover Savannah Brockhill, 28, was convicted of killing Star.

Smith had begun her sentence at HMP New Hall, near Flockton, West Yorkshire, however, it has been reported that she will be moved to HMP Bronzefield in Surrey.

“You wonder how they got away with a lot of it – neglecting inmates in their cells, depriving them of their meals, not giving them much-needed medical attention, or being too rough during searches.

“Violence is everywhere”.

The Uxbridge Magistrate Court denied Beatrice access to Ekweremadu who is being detained in another prison before Ekweremadu’s appearance in court last Thursday.

In 2009, Christiane Chocat, a 51-year-old French politician was arrested in Portsmouth, Hants. She was held on remand at the state of the art prison HMP Bronzefield in ­Ashford, Middlesex.

Her husband Georges Chocat, 51, had said his wife was adjusting well to life in an English jail.

“She said it was like Club Med”, he revealed, referring to the French ­holiday firm which organises package deals to exotic resorts. Mr Chocat said he had received a letter from his wife.

He said: “She is being well looked after” and is ­“bearing up well”.

He added: “She has even had a ­manicure.Mrs Chocat and her son, Benjamin Chocat, 20, are accused of ­bringing 16 Vietnamese migrants into Portsmouth in the back of a hire van laden with prawn noodles.

They had allegedly hidden the 13 men and three women in a wooden box just 5ft high. Seven are under 18.

But the box was discovered when a customs officer noticed condensation on the vehicle’s window.

The incident was hugely embarrassing to the French authorities, who are battling to halt the vast tide of illegal migrants trying to get from their northern ports to the south coast of England.

Mr Chocat said: “The arrest of my wife has been like a descent into hell for all of us. Nobody can believe what has happened.

”Some other high profile detainees at the prison include Rosemary West and Joanna Dennehy.

Senator Ekweremadu is also held in a similar male prison where safety is dire.

The HMP Bronzefield Prison in London is notorious for unprovoked attacks on inmates, for suicide and suicide attempts, such that even medics and prison staff are wary to work at the facility. 

However, despite the fact that the facilities are known for keeping notorious convicts both women and men, the Ekweremadus are yet to be convicted owing to the fact that they should have been remanded in a safer prison not known for notoriety.

 In a show of empathy for one of their own, the National Assembly leadership last week sent a delegation to London to sympathize with Sen. Ekweremadu and wife, and hear from the their colleague

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