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Editorial: Borrowing From Unclaimed Dividends, Others

As the Federal Government, FG, continues in its effort to stabilize the economy and steer the nation off recession, it

Borrowing From Unclaimed Dividends, Others

As the Federal Government, FG, continues in its effort to stabilize the economy and steer the nation off recession, it

Unending Controversies On COVID-19 Vaccine

The palpitating apprehension which accompanied the outbreak and spread of the Coronavirus disease since January last year throughout the world

EDITORIAL: New Wave Of COVID-19 Amid Bleak Economy

A greater part of last year was dotted by a devastating Coronavirus, Covid 19 pandemic that ruined the global environment

New Wave Of COVID-19 Amid Bleak Economy

A greater part of last year was dotted by a devastating Coronavirus, Covid 19 pandemic that ruined the global environment as

N11.34trn Pension Fund: What Hope For Retirees?

In 2004, the pension reform initiative was set in place, given rise to the Contributory Pension Scheme. This move was

Kankara Abduction And The Unending Lessons

With the abduction of students of Government Secondary School Kankara, Katsina State on December 11, not a few Nigerians were

Insecurity: Trivializing NASS’ Invitation To Buhari

When the death of rice farmers broke recently, AljazirahNigeria was prompt in condemning the wanton killings of Nigerians in whatever

Nigeria’s Insecurity Worsening

Only recently, Nigeria was plunged into one of its bloodiest moments in recent times. Hell was let loose on Nigeria

Revisiting Reopening Of The Nation’s Borders

In October 2019, the Federal Government ordered the complete closure of the nation’s borders, placing a ban on both legitimate

Yellow Fever: A Stitch In Time…

It is feared that scores of Nigerians have died from a fresh outbreak of yellow fever infections across some parts

On Nigeria’s Rising Debt Profile

Nigeria has seen its debt stock rise sharply in recent years as the country tries to fund infrastructure projects and

President Buhari’s Meeting With Traditional Rulers

With the president’s meeting with the nation’s traditional rulers on Thursday, November 5 , it was obvious that the country

Editorial: That Presidential Reward For Teachers

Nigerian Teachers joined the rest of the globe October 5, to celebrate world teachers’ day, an event that has become

#EndSARS: Time To Sheath The Sword

In what took the nation by storm, Nigerian youths were spontaneous in their reaction in long-drawn protests across parts of

Appraising The Anti-SARS Protests

For a while now, the nation has been agog with protests across parts of the country in a fashion reminiscent

AljazirahNigeria Supporting Okonjo Iweala’s WTO Bid

In a few weeks, a new Director General of the World Trade Organisation, WTO, would have emerged. The finalists who

Saluting Nigeria At 60

Sixty years in any lifespan is considered a monumental attainment worth pomp and ceremony amid the nation’s maladies. With a

COVID-19: Now That The Curve Is Flattening…

It may not be wrong to surmise that the Coronavirus pandemic is yet the most daunting global challenge in contemporary

On The Cost Of Covid-19 Treatment

In an unprecedented whirlwind, the Coronavirus, Covid-19, swept through almost every country around the world, leaving in its trail social

… As Nigerians Pay More For PMS, Electricity

In what appeared a drama of some sorts, Nigerians heralded the month of September with a daunting reality. Citizens have

Revisiting The Affront On Nigerian Businesses In Ghana

These are indeed unpleasant times for Nigerian business owners in Ghana, a neighbouring West African country. Many of those affected

Wada Maida: Exit Of A Media Icon

In a reverse trajectory, one of Nigeria’s media icons bowed to death after a meritorious service to fatherland. Wada Maida

On Allegation Of Gov’s Involvement In Boko Haram

Dr. Obadiah Mailafiya, ex-deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, may have stirred the hornet’s nest when he

On The New Hate Speech Penalty

On August 4, 2020, the Federal Government announced the increase of fines for hate speech from N500,000 to N5million. The

Corruption: Need To Tame The Monster

Corruption has assumed a monstrous dimension in the country, with virtually every passing day holding out disturbing information on various

Kaduna Killings: A recurring Evil

Only recently scores of persons were gunned down by yet to be identified gunmen in parts of Southern Kaduna. This

Umbrage Over Retirement Age In NASS

There has been some disquiet in the National Assembly, NASS, between the Clerk of the National Assembly, CNA, Mr. Sani

On Students Losing Whole Session

We have been inundated in the recent past with the telling effects of the ever dreaded Covid-19 virus, since its

Lockdown Ease Not Licence For Carelessness

Nigeria’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) record may not be the worst in the African continent but there are concerns that the rising

COVID-19: Towards A Responsive Stimulus Package

Following the consequences envisaged would ensue post-COVID-19, a pandemic that has not spared any part of the globe, it became

Nigeria’s Cost Of Governance Worrisome

A recent discourse, titled: Economic Stability Beyond Covid-19, broached the issue of the unwieldy size of government at all levels

Democracy At 21: Where’s Nigeria’s Position

In a moment that is historic, Nigeria’s democracy clocked 21 in an unbroken chain. June 12 was declared by President

On Sexual And Gender Based Violence

The media has been inundated recently with reports of a rising wave of gender-based abuses and other related social misdemeanours

Buhari’s Fifth Anniversary And Issues Within

May 29th was a historic moment for President Muhammadu Buhari as he marked his fifth year in the saddle, following the

Proposed Increase In DSTV, GoTV Subscription Tariff Insensitive — ATCIS

The Association of Telephone, Cable TV and Internet Subscribers (ATCIS) has championed the course of defending and fighting for consumers’

Why Post COVID-19 Response Must Start Now

When COVID-19 struck the global community, not many governments across the world appreciated or anticipated the unprecedented damning consequences that

Disturbing Controversies On Covid-19

When the world was jolted by the novel Coronavirus, code named Covid-19, it caught many countries unawares. It was particularly

COVID-19: Why Govt Must Support Alternative Medicine

Within weeks of its entry into the country, thousands of Nigerians are already infected with the Coronavirus, Covid 19, an

COVID-19: For A Rational Distribution Of Palliatives

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit parts of the global community, Nigeria and a few African states were still basking in


As the lock down is entering its fourth week in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun it has become imminent for the

COVID-19 And Vital Components Of 2020 Budget

In what was a response of the Federal Government to the implausibility of the 2020 budget following the effect of

Corruption As COVID-19 Thrives

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged virtually every part of the globe, there has been very

COVID-19: A Task For All

The novel Coronavirus disease, COVID-19, has undoubtedly taken a toll on the global populace notwithstanding that only a few countries

Stay Healthy, Save The Nation

These are indeed turbulent times for an overwhelmed globe being ravaged by the Covid 19, pandemic. Nigeria is not an

Covid-19: CBN’s Intervention et’al

In an apparent proactive move to ameliorate the likely impact of the ravaging global Coronavirus, the Central Bank of Nigeria,

Real Economic Diversity Imperative

Nigeria’s economy has often been described as a mono- economy, having relied elaborately for decades on petroleum resources, particularly crude

Towards A Better Deal For Women

The International Women’s Day date was moved to March 8 in 1913. The day aimed to help nations worldwide eliminate

Towards A Bold Step Against The Locust

There has been a consistent human misery, buoyed by man-made scenarios and natural disasters. Not a few have predicted that

Stop Politicking With North’s Under-development

mir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi, in his usual belligerent posture has come hard on the northern elite blaming the relative