EDITORIAL: Unnamed Sponsors Of Terrorism

EDITORIAL: Unnamed Sponsors Of Terrorism
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Not a few Nigerians have expressed concern over the decision of the Federal Government, FG, not to name the alleged sponsors of terrorism. Last week, the FG had revealed that it was not interested in naming alleged sponsors of terrorism.

Presidential spokesman, Mr. Femi Adesina, made the assertion during an interview on Channels Television programme, Politics Today, emphasizing, the government is more interested in ensuring that those found guilty will be brought to book.


Precisely, the presidential aide was asked if the president will address the recent move by the United Arab Emirates, UAE, to place six Nigerians on terror list.

Recall that there are six Nigerians out of 38 individuals who the UAE suspects to be financiers of terrorism.

Many Nigerians have however expressed shock over Mr. Adesina’s response, when he said the government will not name and shame such people.

According to him, “Naming and shaming will not be the motive. Naming and shaming won’t be the motive. Rather, bringing malefactors to justice would be it.”

“Nigeria is not interested in naming and shaming anybody. Rather, it wants to bring them to justice.

“You see that the UAE had released some names and the AGF has responded saying that in due course, all these people will have their days in court. Rest assured that justice will have its way.”

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He further disclosed that investigation on the issue is underway at different levels.

“Investigations are going on at different levels. It could be at the level of EFCC; it could be at the level of the National Intelligence Agency.

“Different security agencies would be working on it so that when those people eventually appear in court, there will be what the lawyers call a prima facie case against them.”

The relentless discrepancies of the FG over some policies decision has remained a cause for concern to many Nigerians as the government had in the past taken swift and drastic steps in calling out those who have been perceived as involved in or linked to one criminal activity or the other, such as the naming and shaming of some high profile Nigerians as ‘looters’ of public funds in a list released by the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed in 2018. The FG, also in another swift move not only went on to release the list of the alleged sponsors of the #EndSars protest last year, but also took a step further by freezing their bank accounts. Most recently also, the FG, through the CBN had threatened to release a list of alleged foreign exchange defaulters. The question is; between the alleged forex defaulter, sponsors of #EndSARS protest, alleged Treasury ‘looters’, and Terrorism Financiers, which group should the FG have taken more caution or be swift in naming and shaming?

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The decision not to name alleged sponsors of terrorism, which had earlier been released by the UAE and others who the FG itself have mentioned have been linked to some Bureau de Change operators in Kano State, is rather tendentious, as the menace of terrorism and what it has done to the lives and livelihood of Nigerians has remained indelible on the image and psyche of Nigerians at home and on the world stage.

One would have expected that the government would not play into the narrative that it is indeed treating the entire issue of insecurity, which has become the bane of the country’s stability with kid gloves, following reports that has flooded the media space that repentant terrorists were also being reabsorbed into mainstream society.

Recalling the recent announcement by the United States to expose the sponsors of terrorism in Nigeria, we expected the FG to embrace such offer of assistance to ensure that the entire issue of the Boko Haram terrorists and the banditry ravaging the Northwestern region of country is finally laid to rest or at best grossly mitigated.

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Our sincere hope is that the fears which a section of Nigerians have expressed to the effect that what has made the fight against insecurity in Nigeria somewhat insurmountable is simply the lack of a political will and concerns that there are moles within the government circles who are ardent supporters of terrorism to the intent of personal gains. AljazirahNigeria urges the FG to do what is needful at this perilous period in our history to end the aggravating scourge of insecurity and at the same time be able to rebuild the trust and confidence which Nigerians ought to have in their leaders and their ability to guarantee a safe society where everyone would pursue their aspirations without any iota of fear or doubt.


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