Diaspora: Frivolous Attacks On Nigerians

Diaspora: Frivolous Attacks On Nigerians

He was found guilty and sentenced to death on Jan 30, 2018,by the Kuching High Court.

His counsel appealed the High Court’s decision to the Court of Appeal but was dismissed on Oct 23, 2019.

He subsequently appealed to the Federal Court.

A three-member panel led by Datuk Seri Mohd Zawawi Salleh together with Datuk Nallini Pathmanathan and Datuk Abdul Rahman Sebli unanimously discharged and acquitted Jonas Chihurumnanya after allowing his appeal in Zoom proceedings on Thursday, November 11, 2021. This is only one of the innumerable instances of miscarriage of justice against Nigerians in many parts of the globe. He would face the hangman’s noose if he had not mustered the financial muscle to defend his case. From his Malaysian experience, it is a pointer that many Nigerians are caught in the web of uncertainties, especially when they lack the capacity to defend themselves.

Disturbingly, even neighbouring African countries have not spared Nigerians. In no distant past, Nigerians, especially traders were reportedly under hammer where they had to forfeit their rights to lawfully due their business amid various unfriendly levies all in a bid to sack them from the lucrative businesses for petty reasons as envy. The situation has led to some diplomatic shuffle as some Nigerian envoys had approached the Ghanaian authorities to address the imbroglio.

Even at that, it is believed not much has been achieved in that regard as reports have continued to inundate the media on the continuous harassment and injustices meted on Nigerians who by their status have genuine residency permits.
In Cote d’ Ivoire, there is this report that a Nigerian lady who reported a matter against a native, was arrested instead, and she eventually died in police custody recently.

In the United Arab Emirate, UAE, the refrain is the same; Nigerians have continued to suffer untold embarrassment simply because they parade the ‘green and white’ document the symbol of our passport. Many have been unduly labelled as criminals and thrown into detentions on flimsy charges.

Some other scenarios are even worse and pathetic. In a recent radio programme, it was relayed how an unsuspecting lady was hoodwinked into giving away her kidney by some medical personnel without her consent. It was said that in the process, she developed complications from which she later died. These are only a few cases which represent various other pains Nigerians go through in other lands.

By global conventions to which most countries are signatory, migration is allowed within the limits set by individual countries, we, therefore, condemn any act that would deliberately criminalise migrants who have faithfully gone through the immigration processes.

Again, we call on Nigerian authorities to be more pragmatic in dealing with issues affecting Nigerians who are needlessly embarrassed and subjected to dehumanising conditions all over the world. Their right to protection should not be compromised.

While we agree that there could be some bad eggs within the fold, it is not enough to lump law-abiding individuals with rascals and charlatans who are only out to smear our image abroad.

We call on the international community to reciprocate Nigeria’s gesture of welcoming all shades of nationals within the limits of its internal laws.

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