Democracy Day: Eschew Anger, Bitterness Towards People of Other Faiths – Dr. Lemu

Democracy Day: Eschew Anger, Bitterness Towards People of Other Faiths – Dr. Lemu

A foremost Islamic Scholar, Dr. Muhammad Nuruddeen Lemu has reiterated the need for peaceful coexistence as he call on every Muslim to be tolerance to one another, especially while dealing with people of other faiths.

The Guest Speaker, Dr. Lemu while delivering a lecture tagged ‘Democratic Governance in a Multi Religious Society’, during the 23rd Democracy Day Public Lecture & Special Jumat Prayer call on the people of Islamic faith to eschew anger and bitterness, and follow the sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) while dealing with people.

During the lecture, He said, “If a Christian church got burnt in your neighbourhood, how many of us will say, ‘while you are doing your reconstruction, on Sunday morning when we are not using our mosque you can use it.'”

“How many would practice Islam as tolerance as Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) practice it. Some of us are so used to anger and bitterness that we would find the justification not to follow the sunnah of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).”

While buttressing the fact that justice is crucial in every human society, Dr. Lemu who is the Director of Research and Training, Da’wah Institute of Nigeria, Islamic Education Trust further said that, “right on to the time of the great Caliph Ali [radi Allahu Anium], and some of you know the story Ali Shure Aljah.”

“When a case was brought between Ali and a Jew. He ruled in favour of the Jew, Why? because there was enough evidence. But when the Jew saw how justice was done, he said Ali was right and he embraced Islam. This was a society that the Prophet left behind.”

Dr Lemu further emphasize on justice while those in leadership positions are carrying out the duty entrusted to them by the populace.

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