Dangers Of Poor Handling Of Area Council Elections And Yunusa’s Impersonation

Dangers Of Poor Handling Of Area Council Elections And Yunusa’s Impersonation

By Andrew Usman

Expectedly, there have been growing concerns over the developments from the Area Council Elections in Abuja, especially as regards the indefinite suspension of the inauguration of newly elected chairpersons and councillors, by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), in line with a court order extending the tenure of the existing local council officials from three (3) to four (4) years based on the provision of the newly amended Electoral Act.

To this end, we the indigenes have watched with dismay the uncourteous utterances of a certain Yunusa Ahmed on the issues, which amongst other things contained threats to the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) of ‘unpeaceful and uncharacteristic demonstrations’ by Abuja indigenes should the FCT minister not suspend the JAC meeting, and unceremoniously receive the suspension which would be a direct violation of a court order.

It should be noted that this Yusuf character is in the habit of issuing unreasonable, mostly baseless but inciting threats, most people who would recognize him are for the same reasons of taking advantage of situations like these to issue threats in a miserable chase for relevance in the politics of Abuja. He did it during the Shiite protests, threatening fellow citizens who were only exercising their human rights to association and expression, he did it during the several CSOs protests and many other times.

It is especially worrisome that Yunusa claims to do all these as a representative of Abuja indigenes, a claim we the indigenes can equivocally state here is absolutely false, malicious, and self-serving at best.

We the Abuja indigenes and especially the youths have organizations and leaders that represent our interests, and the most notable and credible of such leader is, whom we have on good authority is Commander Isaac David (Special Adviser to Honourable Minister of FCT on Youth Matter), who is also fondly referred to the president of Abuja 858 communities youth leaders.

We the indigenes of Abuja are already embroiled in a battle against marginalization since the relocation of the capital city from Lagos to Abuja in 1976, and we do not believe that it do us any favor with that character as he Yunusa goes about smearing our reputable conduct at every opportunity, threatening equal citizens and threatening violence in the guise of ‘speaking for our people’, all for a probably sinister objection that nobody knows about.

We the true FCT youth leaders must find it imperative to set the records straight and debunk such utterances that do not serve any positive objective, and it is also important that they do this so people would familiarize themselves with whom the true representatives of Abuja indigenes and youths are.

Might we also suggest the security agencies look into this Yunusa character and bring him in for necessary questioning for attempts to incite violence and propagate the violation of a judicial ruling.

* Usman writes from Abuja