Cybercrime Threat Is Real In Nigeria – Sen Oseni

Cybercrime Threat Is Real In Nigeria – Sen Oseni

Senator Yakubu Oseni, Kogi Central Chairman Senate Committee on ICT and Cybercrimes spoke with Abdul Lateef Taiwo on his empowerment programme, increasing cybercrime and the Supreme Court judgement reaffirming the election of Kogi governor, Yahaya Bello.

Distinguished, despite the recess you have continue with your constituency project; commissioning and inauguration across the various local government that make up your senatorial district, how many of such project do have in your kitty?

I actually engaged some youths in the productive sectors; training artisans, how to repair phones, laptops, computers and all that because I am passionate about the youth, they represent the productive sector, and I believe rather than giving them fish I would teach them to fish. I have to teach them how to fish, because if you continue to give them fish, it will not only be counterproductive but disastrous. That is why I believe so much in taking youth out of the street.

If you really want to fight crime of any kind, you have to start by taking the youth out of the street and engage them in productive ventures, by the time you are able to do that you are 80 per cent done, and I will continue to say this and preach it anywhere I go, for anybody to say he wants to take to crime he sees it as the last resort.

So far how many of them have been taken out of the street and how many more do you intend to take out of the street?

So far, we have been doing, the last batch I think it is about 150 or thereabout within Kogi Central senatorial District. There are other ones that you have to empower with resources into some business like mining of stones and all that, we empower them, buy them the needed equipment at local level. If we are to say this is the number we intend to engage, if God answer our prayers, it is unlimited. We don’t have a specific numbers. We intend to do as many as our resources can, as many as we can take.

In addition to the constituency tour and youth engagement, your committee has been visiting MDAs, with the last visit to the office of the Accountant General of the Federation, did you emphatically urge the government to initiate programme and policy to curb Cybercrimes?

Actually, my committee is going round the MDAs now as result of a motion that was raised on the floor on Wednesday the 17th of November, 2019, which verges on the growth digital technology  and increment in the numbers of Cybercrimes, the consequences and the need to safeguard the present and  the future of Nigeria and Nigerians .

And we have to start with engaging all the MDAS to actually know the level of their ICT compliance. If there is any gap in terms of data protection, cyber security and fighting against cybercrimes and so forth, those are the reasons you see us going from one MDA to another. We were at the Accountant General’s office in continuation of that tour. I must say that the office of the Accountant General is doing well interns of ICT.

But what we actually emphasized on is the aspect of cyber security. If there is any attack now and definitely the attack is on the way, the more you grow technologically the more you are prone to cyber-attack. So, these are the main reasons why we have to go round to sensitize the MDAs.

In all, as at the last count, how many have you visited?

We have visited more than 20; NFIU, EFCC, ICPC, Accountant General of the Federation, Federal Road Safety Corps, NAFDAC and so many. We have almost gone round all the aviation sectors; we have gone far.

What was your immediate reaction to Supreme Court Judgment reaffirming the election of Governor Yahaya Bello?

It was a wonderful one. We thank that at the end of the day the Supreme Court has affirmed the election. Because the people have spoken in the field just that the contestants refused that the people have spoken, and they believed the court would speak more, the court has spoken the mind of the people and we are good for that. I encourage the governor to do more in terms of development and why the people are so loving and what he has been doing across the state.

When we went home, it was like a triumphant entry. It was a home-coming, and people are actually jubilating that the Supreme Court has reaffirmed their mandate. So, I will encourage him to continue doing more of what he is doing for the people of Kogi State that made them so attached to him like that and will also encourage the people to continue to appreciate him with what he is doing with the little resources available to the state.