CUPP Cries Out, Condemns Arson Attack, Attempted Assassination Of Ikenga Ugochinyere

CUPP Cries Out, Condemns Arson Attack, Attempted Assassination Of Ikenga Ugochinyere

…Demand Perpetrators Face Wrath Of Law

By Deborah MUSA, Abuja

The leadership of the coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, has come out to strongly condemn the arson attack, murder and attempted assassination on the life of it’s spokesperson, Barrister Ikenga IMO Ugochinyere which took place in his country home in Akokwa, Ideato North local government area of Imo state, South-east Nigeria.

According to CUPP, about three weeks ago, Ikenga was openly threatened by one Chinasa who is known to be one of the aides of the incumbent governor of Imo state, Mr. Hope Uzodinma.

Addressing newsmen in a press briefing in Abuja on Sunday, the Co-National spokesperson of CUPP, Adetokunbo kayode, called on the IGP to launch a thorough investigation and arrest Mr Chinasa who had threatened Ugovhinyere.

The coalition stressed that the police must ensure that all perpetrators involved in the attack and attempted assassination are arrested and punished.

“The Coalition of United Political Parties demands the following: That the Inspector-General of Police order the immediate arrest and thorough investigation of Mr. Chinasa who threatened Barrister Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere three weeks as the number one suspect in this horrific attack.

“The Nigeria Police ensure that all the perpetrators of this heinous crime get arrested quickly for immediate prosecution and necessary punishment as stipulated by law.

“We demand adequate security for Ikenga Ugochinyere and other opposition wherever he goes in continuation of his lawful campaign activities”

The coalition had stressed that the attack on Ugochinyere was no coincidence and they do not agree that it was carried out by unknown gunmen.

“We do not subscribe to the generalized and precipitate description of those who attempted to kill Ikenga as unknown gunmen. Far from it! These are known perpetrators. An African proverb says “the witch’s bird chirped yesterday, the baby died today; who doesn’t know that it was yesterday’s witch that killed the baby?”.

“Ikenga was openly threatened by an appointee of a sitting governor just last month and yesterday, an attempt was made on his life with billions worth of property destroyed, his uncle and supporters killed in a most brazen manner without a single intervention from security agents untill they were done committing their atrocities.

“We state unequivocally that we are holding the government of Imo state solely responsible for this heinous crime and demand the immediate arrest of the Mr. Chinasa whose threats against Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere is already in the public domain and the Police authorities are aware”.

The text further read “The leadership of CUPP has decided to escalate this incident through a comprehensive petition to relevant local and international agencies to ensure that justice is served.

“We are sad but we remain resolute.
We are angry but we remain focused.
We are disappointed but we remain strong in spirit.

“We need to remind those who misuse power that is very transient that those who beat the drum of wickedness will dance to tune of destruction. We also wish to assure them that no matter what’s it takes or how long, the hands of justice will catch them for a recompense of their wickedness.

“The opposition has been re-engineered by this cowardly and dastardly attack against Ikenga Ugochinyere to be more proactive, vigilant and uncompromising in our patriotic interventions to ensure that Nigerians are beneficiaries of free, fair, credible elections starting in 40 days’ time.

“As we all know, today is an historic day in the annals of Nigeria’s political history being a date that the first democratic experience of Nigeria was truncated by military jackboot.

“Unfortunately, today we are also gathered here to address the whole world on the existential threats to our democracy and nation by evil forces of retrogression and anarchy. Yesterday, Saturday January 14th, 2023 at about 0014 hours, a gang of deadly armed luciferic loonies attacked the country home of the National Spokesman of the Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, Barrister Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, with the sole aim of assassinating him.

“Pictorial and video evidences show the horrific extent of the damage and murderous escapades of those terrorist gangsters who not only burnt down his entire house, set almost 100 vehicles ablaze and, worst of all, killed his uncle and yet to be specified number of his supporters and innocent bystanders.

“About three weeks ago, Ikenga was openly threatened by one Chinasa who is one of the aides of the incumbent governor of Imo state, Mr. Hope Uzodinma. True to his threats, yesterday’s carnage was unleashed on Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere whose only crimes are 1, speaking truth to power and exposing sophisticated rigging schemes of antidemocratic forces.

“His other crime is his decision to exercise his constitutional right to contest for the House of Representatives for which he is eminently qualified. Those are the factors that infuriate the wielders of evil powers in Imo state especially as they have seen that they cannot match his popularity in the contest and his victory at the next election is already guaranteed.

“Nigerians will recall that a former governor of Imo state, Chief Rochas Okorocha, once said that those being referred to as unknown gunmen are actually being sponsored by the Imo state government. What happened to Ikenga yesterday has further given credence to that allegation.

“We are not mincing words in holding the Imo State government squarely accountable for the terrorist attacks against Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere in his Akwokwa country home resulting in destructive arson and murders. Even as we speak, we have it on good authority that all the exit roads from Akwokwa have been put under surveillance by some personnel of the Imo state government with direct instruction to some hoodlums to assassinate Ikenga whenever he tries to leave the community. Therefore, there is the immediate need for the Police and Department of State Services to quickly mobilize their men to protect Ikenga before these evil characters carry out their wicked plans”.

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