Covid-19 Vaccination: Nigerians Speak

Covid-19 Vaccination: Nigerians Speak
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Following the recent revelations by the Minister of Health that Covid-19 vaccines will be available in January 2021, AljazirahNigeria reporters went to the streets of Abuja to sample the opinions of Nigerians


Before the FG accepts or brings in the vaccine, proper studies should be done on the vaccines like the adverse effects; contraindications and so on should be known to prevent any mass complications or health problems.


If the FG brings the vaccine, there should be a controlled study on a certain number of people first, to observe how their body system responds to the vaccine and to know if it works or not.


The FG should do a controlled test first of all, and if the vaccine is effective then they should look into the financial aspect of it and do what the budget of the country can carry.


My take on the recent discovery of the covid-19 vaccine in Nigeria is that if the vaccine works it will go a long way in controlling the spread of the virus and also prevent further new cases in Nigeria


 I feel it is another strategy by the leaders to embezzle funds. And am not in support of it no matter what.


 I think it is good news…. But Nigerians are more concerned about meeting their daily needs… If the vaccine is fully trusted then I feel things will go back to how it has always been.


Now, the world is free at last. With this vaccine this deadly disease will be a thing of the past. I personally appreciate the effort of who discovered the vaccine because it will go a long way to help Nigerians. I will also appeal to the federal government to try out everything in place in order to purchase this vaccine without waste of time.

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I have never believed that there is Covid-19 in Nigeria. If the government claims there is Covid-19 in Nigeria and they want to purchase the vaccine, they should please try not to embezzle funds. Things like this, is always an avenue for them to embezzle public funds. I don’t trust Nigerian government.


It’s a welcome development and it will also go a long way to help Nigerians. But the government should make sure health experts critically examine the vaccine to avoid further complications. The vaccine should be seriously checked because this disease came because of many experiments that brought a backlash to the entire world.


The vaccine is out and that is great news. But I am just afraid because our leaders will definitely make it a source of good business. Aside that, I also advise the Nigerian health sector to follow precaution and guidelines while using the vaccine on patients to avoid further complications.


I thank God for that. I want the federal government to make every necessary preparation to go for the vaccine because Nigerians cannot afford to experience another lock down. Government should also give thorough attention to it to ensure that there is no problem from the vaccine.

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It’s very good news to start the New Year. Personally I am not ready for any lockdown again. Nigerians should not be scared of it, they should welcome it and take necessary precautions. The government should train more experts who will handle this vaccine without further complications. I am very happy and I give kudos to the team of researchers who have been able to save the world.


At least it will help put an end to Covid-19 crisis in Nigeria. I believe the government will do what is expected of them by quickly going for it to save their lives.


It is indeed a good development and should be celebrated because, Covid-19 disease shook the whole world. As for Nigeria, our government should do the needful and make sure they go for it.


I will advise the government to wait a little to study the reaction of the vaccine before bringing it to this country in order not to worsen the problem of Nigerians.


Covid-19 vaccine is good news for countries who have it. As for me, I do not believe that there is Covid-19 in Nigeria because we seem not to understand our leaders any longer. Very soon you will start hearing a large number of cases because they want Nigerians to believe. Thereby having the access to loot money.


I believe it will help our country. My joy can’t be described because Covid-19 destroyed alot of plans and killed many people. Nigerian should embrace this opportunity and carefully follow the instructions provided for the vaccine.

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I do not trust that vaccine. I know that the side effects will be much more than the disease. Please the government should wait a while before going for it. We can’t afford to lose more people to the vaccine. They should never be in a hurry to get the vaccine because I know the reaction will be dangerous.


Our government should not play politics with it. They should monitor the vaccine and make sure Nigerians are liberated from this dangerous disease with the help of the vaccine. I believe God has decided to show the world mercy. Nigerians should not be afraid of it. Get the medication and be free of the disease. What matters is what we can do to save us from this disease. They should not run from it but have faith in the vaccine.


I think Nigerians will be very glad to have this vaccine because if you have a problem and the solution becomes difficult, it will bring a heavy Borden but if you can proffer a solution, no matter how long the problem has been, the days of adversity will soon be forgotten. This means we have definitely come to see the end of Covid-19 in the whole with the discovery of the vaccine. It’s indeed a great one and I encourage our government to immediately go for it.


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