Covid-19 Vaccination and Anxiety: Nigerians Speak

Covid-19 Vaccination and Anxiety: Nigerians Speak

Following the arrival of covid-19 vaccine and subsequent taking a jab by the President, Vice -President and other prominent Nigerians, and guidelines instructing interested citizens to who wish to enroll to register online especially those that have some underlying illnesses, AljazirahÑlgeria’s Wisdom Onyeisi went round the city of Abuja to get the opinions of Nigerians on the vaccination and the general feeling of the people.

Grace Ikpendu

I am yet to believe that Mr President actually took the vaccine. How can you convince me that President Buahri and Vice-President Osinbajo received the right vaccine that was written: “Not to be used in the EU, Canada and the US”. How are we sure is the actual Coronavirus vaccine?

Does the vaccine cure, stop transmission of the virus? Can relatives welcome their kits and kins? Can living be normal again? Besides, my fears are yours too. What if it turns to the mark of the Satan where without it one will not buy and sell? So many questions begging for answers.  I am not infected and won’t encourage anyone to take it. Do we really have this virus in Nigeria? Have you seen political, religious and other ceremonies where social distancing was not observed at all? What we need here is food. The government should allow people to import food items like, rice, stock fish, etc. Food items should be sold at a very cheap rate. Sell those vaccines and use the money to import food. We die of hunger in Nigerian than Coronavirus. I thank God I am not an eligible Nigerians.

Goody Onuka

I need to be vaccinated because it’s a year that we have been battling with this virus called COVID-19, But I don’t know why eligible persons should register online before taking the vaccine. The government should try other possible methods than online. What about people that don’t have access to the internet.

Nancy Ama

I don’t advise anyone to register for the vaccine. I have a friend in UAE who said that the vaccine has been mixed with some dangerous substance that can kill human beings and for this reason they refused to take the vaccine. Someone also put in a voice record that China’s target is to use the vaccine and eliminate blacks because of over population and black emancipation. So, I will never advise anyone to take the vaccine or register for it. After all, I am not interested in traveling abroad.

Monday Uyi Glory

In my opinion COVID-19 is real, no doubt, But right now we have other bigger problems in our country, Such as insecurity and a very poor economy. Why can’t the Federal Government exert more energy and money on insecurity making a priority? Most of us are not convinced so long as this vaccine is concerned. The rumour of depopulation has affected the embracing of the vaccine, yet the government went for it, instead of using that money to better our living. Of course they always go for what interests the super rich more than the poor. We need food and a better living standard. Whether you take the vaccine or not one must die.

Unwana George

The fact is that the virus is real. The president and every other person who can help secure the citizens are not thinking in that direction at all because they are selfish. This virus is not for the rich alone but affects all across the board. Let this vaccine go round because all of us buy and sell from the same market.

Asking Nigerians to register online to be vaccinated makes no sense, what has registering online got to do with the matter of urgency at hand?

Adanma Onyekwere

The Federal Government is not serious. What is the need of registering online for eligibility to take the vaccine, knowing full well that registering online will require putting more money in their already loaded account, instead of looking for a way to save souls?

Majority of Nigerians don’t even have access to the internet, most of us don’t even have Android phones. They are indirectly telling our grannies and the poor masses that can’t access the internet, that there is no hope for them to be vaccinated. Unlike other organized countries handling this same COVID pandemic, countries like Italy etc, making efforts to save the lives of their citizens, no matter what or how much it will cost them. Taking the vaccine is even scary and risky in Nigeria, because everybody is a suspect, the vaccine might turn out to be a bigger problem for us.

Sarki Mohammed

You see, the President, the Vice-President and other prominent individuals in the country have been vaccinated. Instead of making it available for everyone, they are directing Nigerians to the internet. Who did this thing to us? Why didn’t Mr President and Vice-President apply through the internet? This government has been a very stressful administration. Instead of strategizing on how the vaccine can be distributed across the country, they are making it hard for everyone. Must we struggle for everything in this country?  How can people in the rural areas access the internet for registration? They should please change it and help Nigerians to live.

Ubong Efiong

How many Nigerians have Covid-19? The leaders should share it among themselves the same way they shared the palliatives. Now that the vaccine is out, Nigerian government wants to share it. Nigerians can’t take such vaccines without food. Many Nigerians are hungry and need food before taking a vaccine. As for me, I don’t have any business with that vaccine because I don’t trust this government. Our leaders should enjoy it.

Oluwaseun Adeniji

It’s very wrong to tell the masses to go to the internet before they can be vaccinated. Mr. President and his vice-president have been vaccinated, they should not make it difficult for the masses. Why must we suffer before we get anything done? They should have specific centers where people can easily walk in and get their vaccine. Our government should plan it very well, they can achieve it without fixing many protocols. Nigerians are tired; we don’t want to pass through pain getting the vaccine. Everything in this country must be hardship and pain; from voter registration to voting during elections, registering of NIN and now COVID – 19 vaccine.

Helen Ebenezer

As for me I am scared of that vaccine. The reaction may be dangerous and Nigerians don’t trust the vaccine. Who knows what would become of them after taking the vaccine. Nigerian government is now making it very hard by telling people to register before they can be vaccinated. How many Nigerians will do that? If they want to help people in this country they assign well trained health workers to villages and cities in the country so that it can be easy for everyone.

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