COVID-19: Still Ravaging

COVID-19: Still Ravaging
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When it was thought that the global epidemic was subsiding, CoronaVirus, COVID-19, took a new turn with a deadlier strained tagged, the Delta variant.

It has reportedly killed more people than the earlier strain and more nations are on edge with fears that it could decimate more persons than any epidemic known in human history.

Experts have raised various concerns that this deadly strain is nothing compared to what was earlier witnessed in the first circle. With this worry, it is unbelievable how many Nigerians have lost their guards and are waiting to be caught in this quagmire.

Some nations are shutting down, and urging their citizens to take more proactive measures to stem the tide. Yet, locally, we are treating the situation with some levity. Prominent Nigerians have reportedly been implicated as having died from the Virus. It is tendentious that the culture of denial is making it appear that nothing is amiss as far as COVID is concerned. It has perhaps visited more high profile Nigerians than average ones. With this scenario, It is of concern that the enunciated protocols have been jettisoned by many.

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Given the situation, there is concern that we may soon experience an explosion in the rate of COVID attack if we fail to maximize all the necessary precautions.

As it is, Face Masks, Nose Shields and other items of caution have been thrown away as many are complacent that the disease is alien to Nigeria and Africa.

We take exception to this generalisation that we are immune to the COVID disaster. There are reports that even at various entry points on land, sea and airports that the authorities are off guard, avoiding the enforcement of the necessary checks because they have been compromised and induced by visitors. That attitude in itself detracts our national integrity. Patriotism is important at this time where there is this global epidemic. 

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While it is obvious that some unpatriotic Nigerians are working against our collective interest, AljazirahNigeria is wary that it is even the enforcers of the protocols that are not doing well in their jobs. The humongous sums of money budgeted for this purpose must be seen not only on the pages of newspapers and breezy news items on air but in strict advocacy and enforcement of protocols.

We are also concerned that the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 is now more engaged in ‘politicking’ instead of following with their task.  They have been accused of mishandling money in the name of tracking this virus. While we cannot prove the authenticity of that position, we urge that the Task Force be more transparent by making its expenditure public, to avoid the various suspicions surrounding its operations.

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On a more cautious note, we call on Nigerians to avail themselves to the avenues open to take the COVID-19 vaccines as it has to a large extent proven to provide immediate succor.

We also urge that the government continue to sensitise on the need to get the vaccine as a general apathy is ruining the system following large scale disgruntlement.


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