Costumes Carrying Crucifix Not Sign Of Disrespect – Toyin Lawani

Costumes Carrying Crucifix Not Sign Of Disrespect – Toyin Lawani

Renowned celebrity stylist, fashion designer and CEO of Tiannah  Empire, Toyin Lawani has been under intense fire over her choice of outfit to Toyin Abraham’s movie premiere of “The Prophetess” on March 28.

The movie premier had a church workers’ themed outfit and celebrities attended in their various church workers outfits.

The celebrity stylist has ever since been under a lot of fire from a lot of people specially the Christian folks who have been saying her outfit was totally out of place and a form of disrespect to God.

The stylist who wore a revealing, ‘sexy Nun’ outfit seemed not to have been bothered in any way with the several comments and reaction with insults thrown at her, took to her Instagram handle  and made it clear that she was not addressing the issue but speaking sense into Nigerians.

Some Nigerian’s advised her to stop playing with the things of GOD, others reminded her that the Nun outfit which she wore in an unruly manner was sacred and not meant to be used as a thing of joke and, she quickly gave a simply reply to what they said and told them to stop being “Assistant JESUS”.

According to her, the message was not an explanation but to tell them that, “they don’t have sense”.

She stated that Nigerians have refused to be liberated when it comes to fashion and depicting themes, wondering that when Nigerians would get to know that costumes can carry crucifix and would not mean a sign of disrespect.

“Y’all on my page crying and wailing like I killed someone in your family just because I”m a Nigerian but if it is your RIRI or Beyonce now, you will be hearing aww, so hot, My role model. Bloody hypocrites, but behind closed doors you’re all disgusting and doing nasty things.

“Most of you are so way back, your lack of exposure is really disturbing you a lot. You don’t even know what Art is when you see it. I learnt fashion internationally. Break fashion boundaries and I am a risk taker. You will never be able to understand me cause I will always stay true to what I love and will never do anything to please anyone but myself.

“If you are expecting that apology, you are preaching on my page from me you will be waiting till eternity. Take your frustrations to the blogs, but when you come to my page, I will give you your size. By now, I felt your brains should have told you that I’m not your basic fellow Nigerian and I do not follow the rules of your society.  I make my own rules, does not mean any of you are holier than I am or better human beings than me”.

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