Concern Over High Rate Of Unemployment: Nigerians Speak

Concern Over High Rate Of Unemployment: Nigerians Speak
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Following a recent report released by the National Bureau of Statistics that put youth unemployment, underemployment at 61%, Nigeria being the second country with the highest unemployed population in the world, what is your impression on the report,  AljazirahÑlgeria’s Wisdom Onyishi and Salome Unwuchola went round the city of Abuja to sample the opinions of Nigerians.

Shadrach Ejike

Frankly speaking, the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is a serious concern because our government refuses to use the funds generated from the resources in the country appropriately. I believe the report because many Nigerian graduates are suffering and looking for how to survive. A country without proper structure and plan will suffer as people are suffering in Nigeria. This time if you manage to secure a job, the job will take almost part of your life because you would want to lose it. I appeal to our government to do something about it before this youth do something outrageous in Nigeria.

Martins Efosa

The NBS report is very correct because yearly the Nigerian universities, polytechnics and colleges of education graduate large numbers of students. The government has done nothing to make provision for jobs. Now, this pandemic broke down a lot of private businesses where some of these graduates were managing. Many lost their job as a result of the companies not being able to pay them again. But our problem is that our government has been borrowing money, yet they have not been able to do something meaningful with it. Government should quickly go into research to handle this big unemployment rate in the country because, when people get frustrated they could do something bad and against the law.

Joan Isong

It’s very alarming. Our graduates are begging for food. Not just graduates, even those who learnt handiwork, no support from the Government. They will initiate a skill acquisition programme and the officials will embezzle all the funds, doing very little or nothing. The way the unemployment rate in Nigeria is going, people will be pushed to break the law just to survive. Nigeria is not supposed to be like this if not for bad leadership. Things are becoming very hard in the country. Government should please increase the number of their various schemes for empowerment so that many unemployed Nigerians can benefit from them.

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Ibrahim Suleman

I think the pandemic also contributed to the unemployment rate in Nigeria. There were no jobs even before the pandemic, talk more of this period of the pandemic. Anybody waiting for this government to provide jobs is simply waiting for poverty to embrace him or her. Right now, every Nigerian should do something with their lives since our government has failed us. Right now, citizens of a country as blessed as Nigeria are suffering, borrowing because of the evil leaders we have.  It is very bad, and people are going through a lot in this country. This will expose the country to many bad things because people would want to do anything to survive.

Adeboye Oluwaseun

I weep for my country Nigeria. Our leaders are shameless and refuse to learn from the people abroad they run to every weekend. Even in the midst of this high unemployment rate in the country, increased fuel prices. Everything right now, is on the increase because we have a government without conscience. Very soon Nigeria will take over the first country to have high unemployment and underemployment rate. Everybody is bitter in the country. We are seriously tired of this government; we want them to do something about it before the youths will take it by force.

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Tobechukwu Ezeugo

It’s very alarming because the government has not done enough to fix the unemployment rate in Nigeria. People need to be empowered to enable others to have a job and earn a living. The government that is busy paying bandits and encouraging herdsmen. Graduates are weeping in the country. I have been a graduate for over 5 year now, no job.

There is no kind of interview I have not attended, yet nothing to show forth. Right now I am tired and I decided to go into the transportation (taxi) business just to earn a living. I regretted wasting so much time and money going to school. I would have used it to learn a handiwork and empower myself.

This is the reason many youth refuse to take school seriously because if the government had designed it in that anyone who is a graduate will be envied because of the good job provided, it would have encouraged many youth to be serious and do well in school. But right now graduates are begging those who have handiwork to work for them. This is tearing my heart; we need to be rescued from this before it becomes too bad.

Oluchi Robin

Our government is using COVID-19 as an excuse for the cause of high rates of unemployment among the youth in Nigeria. It could be a partial cause but not totally.

I don’t agree. Nigeria is just a big joke. All our politicians are interested in is looting our national treasury. The so-called SPW that was launched to help youths aimed at creating jobs. Will these jobs get to the youths? Even though they claim those jobs created was badly hit by the pandemic.

J.T Uzor

The governments have an excuse to give. They talk more than they act. They say things they can never do. Right now the country is a mess up. Where do we start from? Living is becoming unbearable for people in the country. The first area every reasonable government should critically look into is how to make jobs available for the citizens. Mr. President called Nigerian youths lazy yet he failed to provide jobs. This government has severely made things horrible for the citizens of Nigeria. What a selfish government.

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Yusuf Dauda

Right now, that is the situation of Nigeria. But what do we do starting from individuals’ perspective? I advise every Nigerian to go into farming, all kinds of farming and leave this government alone. Government cannot do it alone. If anybody like, complain from January to December, nothing will happen. So, let’s go into farming and see if this country will not bounce back.

Solomon Unwana

Life is no longer easy in Nigeria. That is you see a high rate of crime because people are looking for how to survive. If our government is saying that it is because of the pandemic, they should not forget that, it has been like that before the pandemic. There is no need for talking too much; the government should tackle it with the money they have been borrowing. Is there any area of governance this administration has gotten it right? At least, Yet, the party wants to rule for 32 years.


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