Community Applauds NGO For Attracting INEC Registration

Community Applauds NGO For Attracting INEC Registration

By Ruth Gbaka

The people of Pigba Sama village in Apo area of Abuja have expressed appreciation to a non-governmental organization, Moses Okorie Development and Awareness known as Modeaw Foundation for attracting the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to their community who came and registered people in the ongoing Continuous Voter Registration (CVR), which started on Wednesday.

The Village Head of Pigba Sama, Chief James Dogo Zakwoyi, said it was a good gesture from Modeaw Foundation to bring a registration point to his village, because most people of voting age have not registered, and there is no provision for such in the area by the INEC.

He equally thanked the INEC Electoral Officer in charge of AMAC for granting the request, and appreciated the INEC officials who came around for the registration.

Speaking to our correspondent, the Chief Executive Officer of the NGO, Mr. Moses Okorie said he was moved by the fact that a lot of people in the community do not have voter’s card and so have no ability to cast their voters for the candidates of their choice in 2023 general elections.

On his part, the Director of Programmes, Modeaw Foundation, Mr. Abel Lazarus, thanked all those who made it possible for the event to be a success.

Also the chairman, Igbo Community in Pigba, Pastor Chukwuma Gabriel, was full of appreciation to the INEC and Modeaw Foundation for considering Pigba Sama in their plan.

He said the event has helped a lot of people who ordinarily won’t vote in 2023 to do their registration and believed that they will in turn vote come 2023.

The event covered people around Pigba Sama, Chafuyi and Pigba Kasa as well as those in Apo Mechanic Village.

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