Clamour For Self Determination: Nigerians Speak

Clamour For Self Determination: Nigerians Speak
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Following agitations by various ethnic groups for self determination, amid killings and quit notice, FG body languages in all this confusion, what do you think the federal government has not done right to warrant this agitation, do you think unbundling the entity called Nigeria will bring a lasting solution to the country’s problems? AljazirahÑlgeria’s Wisdom Onyeishi went round the city of Abuja to sample the opinions of Nigerians

Fredrick Akpor

Well, unbundling Nigeria will not solve the problem in Nigeria.

The demands of our various ethnic groups can be perfectly handled if there is good structure and a good leadership system. The federal government should look into possible means of reforming the country by making judicious use of the funds. The case of security is another challenge that has led to the agitation for separation. Just look at the situation at hand now, where herdsmen are terrorizing every part of the country. This has raised many questions and has made other people start agitating for separation. If you look at those troubling the country, they do not even have resources that are sustaining the country. The federal government should put their feats down and device productive means of tackling the issues arising in Nigeria. 

Uchenna Emerimnini

Right now, this country has been messed up. The truth remains that nobody is happy with the situation of things in Nigeria because of the selfish government. Why will people not agitate for division when certain people in the country feel they own the country? Life is becoming unbearable in Nigeria, our government is not getting it at all. They are just there for their selfish ambition. I think Nigeria is too big, let Biafrans have their own country and let those who want to remain Nigerians be. We are tired because it is not working here.

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Alex Oluwaseun

The past government and the present government of Nigeria has failed Nigerians. If the leadership of Nigeria can change their mindset and focus on working out means of transforming the lives of Nigerians, no group will agitate for division. On the other hand, Nigerians should also help bring order in the country by following the demands of the law. There is no house without a toilet. Every country has their problems. There is no country without issues but when the leadership of the country and citizens comes together a better country will be perfectly built. They should stop their agitation because Nigeria is not going to divide. They should channel it towards raising intelligent youths who are innovative and are prepared to lead, that is the only way this country can be better.

Ibrahim Adamu

I do not encourage the agitation but I will advise the federal government to put in more effort in meeting the needs of Nigerians in every area. This agitation came as a result of the incompetence and corruption in the Nigerian government. Take for example, this present government has made Life unbearable for Nigerians. Things need to change. If things change, nobody will agitate for division. Nobody just wakes up to agitate, there must be a very significant reason for that. Federal government should plan and replan over and over again until things become better. They should learn from other countries that are doing well, they should not see their position to enrich themselves rather, they should be there to serve the people.

Franklin Edoese

Honestly at this point, unbundling Nigeria will make things work. I think it will be better. Nigeria as a country is getting worse day by day. Hunger and poverty has taken over the country because we have leaders who are not ready to do their job sincerely. Look at the state of security, look at the prices of things in the country. Our government seems very busy, yet doing nothing.

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Sarah Nmaduka

I think what warranted this agitation is because of the favouritism and tribalism in the country. Everything happening in the country has a trace to it. If this government wants to tackle insurgency and banditry they will perfectly handle it. If they want to improve the lives of Nigerians, they can perfectly do it.if they want to eliminate corruption, they can perfectly do it. The question is why have they not done anything about it? Some of our leaders are the root of the trouble and confusion in Nigeria. If a certain group arises to agitate on dividing the country, they should call them up, understand the reason for their action. Then do what is needful for them and see if there will be no peace.

Danlandi Yusuf

There are alot of things they are not doing right. Recently it was reported that the rate of unemployment and underemployment has vastly increased under this government. Life has become very hard under this government. Things have turned upside down. The federal government should do more to improve the lives of Nigerians. Nigerians can still be one if our government determines to do the needful.

Ilorin Ogheneovo

The lasting solution is not in unbundling Nigeria. The solution is simply in the hands of our government. Many Nigerians are tired of the way they are, and that is why you see many groups agitating for division. If you cannot do for the people what you are expected to do, then allow them to have freedom and do it the way they desire. If Nigerian government can truthfully do their job, life will be better and people will be happy and be proud of Nigeria. Right now, they should face whatever trouble arising because they fail to do the right thing.  Nigerians should also help the government by having good conduct as citizens.

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Idris Abdullahim

No matter the agitation here and there, I do not see Nigeria dividing. Not now. I think most of this agitation is empowered by the enemies of this present government. There is no government who can give you a better life. It’s you as an individual who can work on yourself, and make a meaning out of your life. Seriously, Nigerians should understand that this country is not going to divide and they should also encourage the government to serve them better by playing their roles. The government may not have been able to do everything in mind for every Nigerian but there are things that have been put in place that will go a long way to help those who want to be useful. I also encourage the government to carry out more research on how to tackle unemployment and insurgency in the country.


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