Chinese Social Sports Instructor Strives To Get More People

Chinese Social Sports Instructor Strives To Get More People

Tong Baomin, a Chinese social sports instructor, has been serving as a volunteer for China’snational fitness program for more than 10 years.

Joining the tide of live streaming, Tong recently moved his fitness classes online.

So far, he hasprovided over 300 hours of free courses on the internet and become very popular among manysports lovers.

Tong’s bond with the national fitness program was established in 2008. That year, the BeijingOlympics was held and he graduated from Beijing Sport University.

“A huge amount of people were seen doing sports and physical exercises on the streets.”

Tongstated that the Olympic Games sparked people’s interest for sports, which made him realized thathis academic education may be of tremendous help.

On the first National Fitness Day of China which fell on Aug. 8, 2009, a Tai Chi performance wasstaged at the Beijing Olympic Park by around 34,000 people, including Tong and his team. Tong isquite proud of this experience.

“They were all eager to participate, but many of them could not dothe moves right. That was exactly where I could help,” he recalled.

This experience further aroused Tong’s enthusiasm. Since then, he has been devoting more time toTai Chi teaching in the neighborhood and managed to acquire a state-level qualification for socialsports instructors, which better helps him with his volunteer services.

Besides, Tong has made over 30 video materials about Tai Chi, Kung Fu fan, and Kung Fuumbrella, as well as 30 image-text materials that explain the breakdowns of the moves.

“Every year we would make new martial arts routines and set new standards according to theirdevelopment, so as to offer more choices for the public,” Tong said.

Chinese people are gaining an increasingly higher awareness of fitness, and more and more ofthem are joining fitness activities.

In recent years, Tong has spent almost all weekends andholidays offering fitness volunteer services.

“I’m always kept busy on weekends and holidays because there are a lot more people doing fitnessexercises on these days,” he told People’s Daily.

Over the past 10 years, Tong has visited more than 60 cities across China for sports instruction,from which he witnessed the increasingly important status of sports in the daily life of Chinesecitizens.

“People are getting more passionate about sports, and they are also gaining a higher sense offulfillment and happiness,” Tong said.

In 2014, China updated the national fitness program into a national strategy, which was followedby the issuance of a series of documents on enhancing sports facilities and building a higher-levelpublic service system of national fitness.

According to statistics released in 2020, 37.2 percent of Chinese citizens aged seven and abovefrequently participated in physical exercises, up 3.3 percent from the figure in 2014, and 90.4percent of Chinese citizens measured up to the physical constitution standards, up 0.8 percentfrom that in 2014.

Tong believes the training of social sports instructors shall become more systematic and focus onpractice, as the national fitness system gets more and more improved. Therefore, he wouldconstantly record great experiences and practices he sees.

Three years ago, he joined a research activity held by the center for social sports instruction underthe General Administration of Sports, during which he visited two social sports instruction stationsin Fuyang, east China’s Anhui province and participated in a local sports event for farmers.This trip left a deep impression on him.

“How to make people interested in and passionate aboutsports is a very important topic. The communication with my peers inspired me a lot,” he said.

Over the past years, many sports lovers, physical education teachers, athletes, and sportsresearchers have joined volunteer services for national fitness, making the group of social sportsinstructors larger and larger. It is reported that as of the end of 2021, over 2.7 million social sportsinstructors had acquired certificates of skill levels, and there were 1.91 social sports instructors forevery 1,000 Chinese nationals.

“I am a social sports instructor, and I hope I can turn more people into sports lovers through myprofessionalism,” Tong said.

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