Catholic Bishop Blames Insecurity On Poor Education

Catholic Bishop Blames Insecurity On Poor Education

By Chinelo Udeze

Catholic Bishop of Lafia Diocese in Nasarawa State, David Ajang has blamed the security challenges bedeviling Nigeria on the inability of parents to give their children good education, noting that the high rate of out-of-school children is a recipe for violence in the hands of mischief makers.

Bishop Ajang made the assertion on Sunday during his first pastoral visit to St. Matthew Parish, Kuchikau in Karu Local Government Area.

“I always believe that the key to solving the problem we have today lies in education. Proper education. There are different kinds of education; there is indoctrination, which unfortunately is a kind of education that is practiced by some sectors. Where indoctrination takes place, it doesn’t give room to accommodate other views.

“But when you talk about genuine education, it is such that it gives you the exposure that you desire, the exposure you need and it also accepts the fact that there are some differences. I think that is the greatest challenge we have. If you look at who is responsible, all of us are; the family is, because we have people who are not prepared and they are married”, he said.

Bishop Ajang encouraged parents to educate their children before sending them to school.

“If you don’t lay the best foundation, all that the teachers would do later would amount to nothing,” he noted.

In his sermon, he noted that prayer is communication with God, that is a conversation between two persons. In other words, we talk to God and God in turn, talks to us.

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Apart from the book of Psalms, there are over 700 prayers in the bible and we have such example in the first reading taken from the Acts of the Apostle, the prayer of St Stephen. Also the second reading from the book of Revelation contains the prayer of St John while in the gospel, we have the prayer said by Jesus to his sons and daughters called the priestly prayer.

The best example of prayer is in Gen 18: 18 when God appeared to Abraham.

The Bishop urged the faithful not to adopt the ideology of “me I no go suffer I no go beg for bread”, saying a lot of men of God have used it to mislead and take advantage of their followers.

“Today, St Stephen reminds us that being a Christian does not provide immunity from suffering, noting that even when he suffered, he did not get angry with God”.

He said there are certain times that people are persecuted because of their faith.
His Lordship noted that sometimes refusal is an answer. When we pray, God gives us three different answers. He either grants our request, refuses or it is not yet time, any of the option chosen by God is for our own good .

Bishop Ajang admonished the faithful to imbibe the virtue of patient and have total submission to the will of God, saying we must remain with God through thick and thin.

He also reminded the faithful that the story of St Stephen is similar to that of Deborah who was killed because of blasphemy, saying Nigeria is at a cross road and one has to be mindful of his/her utterances in public.

The cleric advised that people should always give the benefit of doubt to others before taking action because a lot of innocent people have been killed because they were accused wrongly. He added that jungle justice should be curbed.
He urged the candidates for confirmation to stand strong in all circumstances and remain Catholics.

Speaking on the efforts put in by the church in Kuchikau, the cleric said “I feel quite excited being here today. As a matter of fact, before yesterday, my knowledge of Kuchikau was restricted to the main road. I am quite impressed about all the developments and all these took place in less than three years.

“It shows that this is a community of people who really love God. My prayer is that the love which they have demonstrated, which I have seen for myself will remain with them always,” he said.

On national issues, he encouraged Nigerians to do the needful as the 2023 general elections approach in order to find some relief from the present economic challenges.

The Parish Priest of St. Matthew Catholic Church, Rev. Fr. Stanley Aroh, expressed gratitude to His Lordship, adding that he is like St. Paul who goes around strengthening the faith of the church.

He also appreciated His Lordship for making out time to come in person for the commissioning of the Mother of Perpetual Help Adoration Chapel.

An episcopal award was given to some members of the parish for their contributions. They are: CP Austin Obaedo (rtd) and Kelvin Ugwu.

Speaking about the award and what compelled them to donate to the church, Obaedo, who donated a land to the church, said he did so as a result of his wife’s dedication to the things of God, adding that “behind every successful man, there is a woman.”

Ugwu, who built and donated a chapel to the church, which was commissioned by the Bishop, said his kind gesture was in appreciation to God who elevated him from being a wheel-barrow pusher to a spare parts dealer.

Highlight of the occasion was the administration of the Sacrament of Confirmation on 466 candidates.