Calls To Grant Amnesty To Bandits: Nigerians Speak

Calls To Grant Amnesty To Bandits: Nigerians Speak
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Following calls from Sheikh Abubakar Gumi and some other prominent Nigerians from the North, for the Federal Government to grant Amnesty to Bandits who terrorize the country unabated by kidnapping of school girls in many northern states. AljazirahÑlgeria’s Wisdom Onyeishi went round the city of Abuja to sample the opinions of Nigerians on the issue.

Ambrose Mba

Granting amnesty to bandits is shameful and should not be discussed. If a group of people can organize themelves and make the decision to trouble a nation and some Muslim leaders are championing for amnesty; that sounds unbelievable. Any leader that is soliciting for the Federal government to grant amnesty to bandits should be suspected and questioned to ascertain his level of involvement in banditry. It’s only in this country that governments pay killers for killing citizens.  Nobody should consider amnesty in any disguise. Thank God that Mr President through the Chief of Staff defiantly rejected the call to grant this blood sucking bandits’ amnesty. And paying of ransom should stop immediately, unless the North is not telling us the truth. It is now looking like a lucrative business. This government has failed in every area. The sole aim of every government is to protect live and property, anything aside that shows the government is incapacitated.

Akin Owolabi

I am not surprised at their demand because I know its politics. There is nothing that is not possible in this country. Granting amnesty to criminals is encouraging criminality in the country. I trust Nigerians, once amnesty is given to these people, this country will tear apart. There are things that should not be mentioned at all. If you go out of this country you will find out that people are mocking us. We have well-read men and women outside this country representing very well. Some of the things done in Nigeria are letdown to our people handling top positions abroad. Mr. President should never give it a second thought, he should trash that request and command the military to take immediate action.

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J.T Stanley

Nigeria is heading for destruction. Granting amnesty to bandits still won’t change anything in this country. It’s not going to solve the insecurity issues in this country. Rather, it will open Nigeria to more dangers. The future of any country that pays bandits is not secured.  The President should stand tall on this matter and make sure this request is never granted. What are we talking about? Granting amnesty to criminals? Which country in the entire world has done that? If they were to be talking about amnesty on the grounds of mineral resources like the Bayelsa boys, it would have been a different thing. Government should never think of it.

Doris Madu

Everything in this country is now business and politics. There is no length politicians in this country wouldn’t go to make sure they get money. Those bandits are only operating in the strength and might given to them by the so called leaders in this country. Nigerians have had enough, we are tired of this nonsense happening in this country.  Sheikh Abubakar Gumni and his group should be arrested and warned because advocating for amnesty is senseless and baseless. They should not push people from other parts of this country into tearing this country apart completely.


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It’s totally unacceptable to grant amnesty to criminals. It got me thinking, I wonder what Sheikh Abubakar Gummi and his group are thinking. These guys that are into this act do not even know the meaning of amnesty. This evil should stop in this country. People wake up and plan evil, project it and make money at the expense of people’s life. It is wrong. We can’t grow like this. Very soon, foreign investors will be afraid to come to Nigeria for any investment. If ordinary bandits cannot be handled by the military, then their training is completely a waste. They should allow Nigerian soldiers to carry out their duty without interruption.


What a country. They should get ready to do it. If the government could not give palliatives to the people then the people have to devise a means of getting it from the government. Yes, I am saying it. What our leaders are doing is worse than what herdsmen are doing in this country.  The evil activities of these herdsmen are empowered by some of these leaders in government. It is only in Nigeria you will see people in government devising means of troubling the same government they are into. They Beasts in human form hiding under power to cause confusion. They should never try to grant amnesty to those stupid boys, if not we all will start making some money in same way.


This government has brought nothing but issues to this country. If they could pay N800 million for the release of the kankara and other people that were abducted, I will not be surprised if they grant them amnesty. Everything is possible in this government. They know how to stop these boys if they really want to. Whatever they want to do because this country has been destroyed already. No need of telling the government not to grant them amnesty. They will still do it even if it is not officially announced.

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I am ashamed of this country. Bandits are now stronger than the government. They wake up and tell the government what they want and the government goes into negotiation with them. Who has done this to us?  Honestly, I believe that this government is not yet ready to solve the problem of insecurity in this country. They are funny and unserious.  Nigeria is now a country where anybody or group can come up with something stupid and impose it on government because the government is a confused one. Right action should be taken and banditry will become a thing of the past in this country.


Well, I believe that this government is wise enough to know that if they grant amnesty to the bandits they have opened the door for banditry business in Nigeria. We know what is happening and we are watching this government. If bandits are compensated for killing and destroying lives, then this government should be ready to hear from other groups. Proper action should be taken and banditry will stop.


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