Budget padding- Abuja residents speak (VOX POP)

Budget padding- Abuja residents speak (VOX POP)
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Interviews by Amina Isah

 Mallam Nasiru Ibrahim, Business Consultant in Abuja.


All the people involved are criminals, because they have been involved in these criminal acts for a long time. Nigerians can’t resist it anymore because it is their money.

For me I want EFCC to really investigate them because for now it is still an allegation. They will surely reveal what is hidden.

 nasiru ibrahim 

Nurudeen A. Wali, Manager at NNPC/ Oil & Gas.

I want all Nigerians to know that this issue has been happening for more than ten years now but it’s been hidden. I am praying for the progress of our leaders but we can’t move forward with the issue of padding budget. We have been facing series of problem in Nigeria but this particular issue of budget padding is new.

 nurudeen wali 

Fortune Nwachwuku, Freelancer.

For me, it’s a new concept in Nigeria’s political development and I doubt if it’s a reality because, the National Assembly don’t pad the budget, the budget comes from the executive then to the house, and they go through it after which it is sent back to the executive to execute, so I don’t know how they will pad it and it won’t reflect in the total figures. They take it to the executive for the assent of the presidency. I don’t really believe that, so as far as am concerned there is nothing like padding.

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fortune nwachkwu

Mr Nasiru, Businessman.

Budget padding is not a new thing in Nigeria, even the actors involved confirmed to that, some of them even went to the extent of saying it’s not a crime. As far as Nigerians are concerned it’s a crime but people don’t know it as budget padding, if not for the man we now have as the head of government President Muhammadu Buhari, being the kind of person he is, even his body language as some people will put it; is enough, without saying a word. We will definitely get to the root of this issue of padding budget by the grace of God as far as we still have Muhammadu Buhari as the president of this country. If they think they have succeeded in passing the previous budgets, they won’t succeed in this present one, because the fear of them been exposed is already a threat to them and also next year they know it won’t be possible to pad the budget.

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mr nasiru

Olatayo Oladokun, Federal Secretariat.

Is just a way to divert the attention of the legislature from doing their work, to me I don’t believe that the legislature took the money without the knowledge of the executive, so any money they choose to take, they work together.

olatayo oladokun

 Alhaji Salihu Isah, Civil Servant.

All the Reps involved are criminals, they need to be sacked and replaced with people who are ready to work and do the right thing. The senatorial zone need to call them to order because Nigeria needs trust worthy people not criminals like them. We want our children and grandchildren to grow up and enjoy their fatherland, we have suffered enough. There’s no good road, water, food, light and we don’t even have rest of mind. The budget is now divided into two, the money used for work and the other one is for their personal pockets, those people loot money and take to their family, what about us? Don’t we have families to fend for? That’s enough, they need to vacate the seat if they know they can’t work for Nigerians.

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salihu isah



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