BoKo Haram Threats To Attack Abuja: Nigerians Speaks

BoKo Haram Threats To Attack Abuja: Nigerians Speaks

Following the recent security alert of an imminent attack by Boko Haram insurgents on the National Assembly and other public places in Abuja. What is your impression about the security situation in the country? AljazirahÑigeria Wisdom Onyeisi and Salome Unwuchola went round the city of Abuja to sample the opinion of Nigerians.

Nancy Ama

Since the government has failed to stop their attack, what did they expect? Some of the politicians are even the one sponsoring them so let them sort themselves out. Those that fetch fire wood fill with ants invite lizards for company. They should better put tight security measures all over the country to secure lives and property.

Mrs. Regina Samuel

Nigerians have been crying for a very long time now about the issues of insecurity in the country. The killings, kidnappings, and so on, has been going on but the Government pretended as if they don’t understand their language, it has gotten to them let me see how they will handle the issue. I think they will now stand up and solve this problem once and for all, that is if their hands are not on it. If an insurgency lasts more than 24 hours in a country, the Government is aware of it, in this case it’s more than five years now.

Rose Akpor

Why are they raising alarm? Because it has come to them? When other states were attacked, they kept quiet and pretended as if nothing was happening. Some of those leaders are strong sponsors to those terrorists. They should reap what they have sown.

Well Nigeria as it is now is a drama. We are watching with our full chest. God will save his children cos he knows his own.

Adeleke Ajayi

The truth is that Nigeria as a country is going through her travailing moment.

If the leaders are not being touched, the fights are meaningless, why are they raising alarm because it has to do with them right?

Well I think this is just a little to let them know that the people they are using are tired of being used.

So the earlier they start fixing up their mess, the better for them and this country Nigeria. One of them earlier said “if we don’t do anything reasonable about this country to please the youth,one day they will arise and drive us out of this country”

It will happen if nothing is done about the present situation of this country.

Chuks Hyacinth

Talking about insecurity and insurgency in Nigeria, it is highly devastating. The  inability to secure and protect the country which they are ruling is very disappointing. The rulers who are the lawmakers have brought Pandemonium in this country. Look at this, there can not be security in this country because those who are supposed to secure the country are defaulting the laws. It’s not affecting them because they fly on the air, so they’re not looking like the masses suffering on the streets and in their farm looking for their daily lives. The rate of insecurity in this country doesn’t concern the law makers because they and their families are not affected. Now that they have come for them they are raising alarm. They should reap what they have sown.

 Justine Arinze

Talking about Boko Haram. Some of the leaders are sponsors and strong initiators of this terrorist group for their own interest. How can they abolish it or disorganized what they have started? Because through that, they are using those they are supposed to protect, to do business.

The Boko Haram have caused a lot of damage to this country, and we keep hearing promises that it will be handled, but every day masses are going down. When the leaders we have are working on their own interest, how do you think what they  are using for their business will be abolished? They should face what has come to face them.

Fatima Zakariyya

Since the lawmakers have refused to implement laws to abolish the boko haram once and for all, it’s good they’re paid in their own coin. What’s good for the goose, should also be good for the gander. Nobody can cheat this life. It pays According to work. So they should face the attack. 

Albert Wale

When I heard the news, I laughed because what they are playing with has come to their doorstep. Those Boko boys are not joking and I think this will make them do the needful. How can a small group of people be distorting the peace of this country?  They should help put an end to insecurity and insurgency in this country.

Femi Adeniji

This is really getting out of hand. Planning to attack the federal territory and National Assembly complex shows that these boys are really serious and they are not ready to stop. The federal government should immediately order security men to keep tight the entire Abuja. Nigeria can not afford to lose lives and properties again. They should strategize on how they will put an end to insecurity and insurgency in Nigeria.

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