Bauchi Governor Approves Use Of Chloroquine, Zithromax For COVID-19 Treatment

Bauchi Governor Approves Use Of Chloroquine, Zithromax For COVID-19 Treatment

By Hassan Jirgi, Bauchi
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Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed, has directed health workers in the state to use chloroquine and Zithromax for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in the state.

The governor gave the directive while meeting with COVID-19 front line health workers at the Government House, Bauchi.

According to him, since he was treated with chloroquine and Zithromax when he tested positive for the virus, he stressed that he was ready to take responsibility for any consequences of approving such drugs.

He said: “Our medical team is using their own ingenuity to use chloroquine and Zithromax to treat the patients, even though in some places, they said it is against the protocol.

“As the governor, I’m taking responsibility for that because I don’t want anyone to die.”

He further, said the directive is that you must use something that I have used to get well, just as you have used for all other cases that got well.

He therefore said “Rather than saying that something is harmful, we should not follow what the white people are saying by not taking anything and die.

“We are used to taking chloroquine in Nigeria, we
are going to use them, we have taken responsibility and I have taken responsibility”.

He stressed that Zithromax and Chloroquine are not harmful to our body, our physiological system has adapted to it. If you are having a fever you take chloroquine.”

ALJAZIRAHNIGERIA recalls Bala Mohammed was on of the foremost prominent Nigerians to contract the dreaded virus and recovered after treatment in his state.

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