AU Agenda 2063: AANEF To Honour 100 Nigerians As Ambassadors

AU Agenda 2063: AANEF To Honour 100 Nigerians As Ambassadors

By Caleb Ishaya

African Ambassadors Network Forum, Aanef Nigeria, has unveiled plans to honour 100 distinguished and outstanding Nigerians with “African Pacesetters Award” and further induct them as “AU Agenda 2063 Ambassadors” for their role in accelerating implementation of AU Agenda 2063 (The Africa We Want).

A statement issued to AljazirahNigeria on Wednesday, by Amb. Timothy Nwachukwu LLB, Country Director, African Ambassadors Network Forum (Aanef Nigeria) and the Special Assistant on Media to Ambassador Elijah Onyeagba, Nigeria’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Burundi, East Africa.

He said, “African leaders at the highest echelons have over the last two decades spearheaded the African Rebirth through their political discourses and pronouncements at summits and ministerial conferences as encapsulated in Au Agenda 2063 Policy document which contained shared visions and framework for the development of the Africa”.

He noted that Aanef Nigeria is committed to building citizens’ awareness about African Union Agenda 2063 (The Africa We Want) in order to mobilize national stakeholders, government/public administration, private sector, NGOs, CSOs including women and youth groups towards the implementation of the program and policies for the actualisation of the Africa We Want.

Amb. Nwachukwu revealed that thou Agenda 2063 may look far-fetched but it is increasingly being re-inforced by the current unprecedented rate of growth of African economies as Nigerians and Africans at large are taking charge of its global narrative to ensure that it reflects continental realities, aspirations, priorities and Africa’s position in the world.

He also revealed that Aanef Nigeria aligned itself with the exposition made by the African Development Bank, AfDB, document entitled, Africa in 50 Years’ Time, The Road Towards Inclusive Growth, “Africa has some of the most abundant natural resources in the world, many of which are yet to be tapped. These include not just minerals and oil, but also bountiful possibilities for clean energy. But natural resources are not Africa’s only advantage. While Western countries are shouldering the burden of aging populations, Africa is the world’s youngest continent. If it invests in education and training to develop the potential of its youth, Africa could become one of the most dynamic
and productive economies”.

Nwachukwu stated that the proposed recognition and Investiture of distinguished and outstanding Nigerians as Agenda 2063 Ambassadors will among other things encouragetransformational and visionary leadership and political commitment for the acceleration of the implementation of Agenda 2063.

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