Attack On Nigeria Defence Academy: Nigerians Speak

by Aljazirah news | September 6, 2021 10:35 am

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Following Boko Haram Terrorists attack in the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) in Kaduna State last week where two officers were killed and abducting another, what is your opinion on the insecurity challenges in Nigeria? AljazirahNigeria’s WISDOM ONYEISI went round the City of Abuja to sample public opinion

Jerry Oba

Honestly, things that happens in Nigeria amazes me.

How a whole Defense Academy was attacked, overwhelmed and officers were adopted looks like a fairy tale. If a defense institution can be attacked and overwhelmed, I wonder the future of this country. I keep asking myself if it was arranged among them because I find it difficult to explain how bandits could dive into a Defense Academy territory and perfectly execute their missions without apprehending any of them. Nigeria is no longer safe, because this incident has clearly shown that the Nigerian force is incapacitated. It calls for worries and the government should please wake up and fight those behind this nonsense happening every time.

Susan Ebele

If NDA can be attacked and officers were kidnapped by Boko Haram set or bandits, it means Nigeria is in a big mess. It’s not funny at all. I think it’s time for the federal government to employ the help of other countries who are more strategic and capable. The attack on Nigeria Defense Academy is an insult to Nigeria. This country is been ridiculed by other countries. We can not continue like this. Government should act immediately and stop lying to the public. Officers who are supposed to defend the country has been kidnapped, it’s very shameful.

Iyke Ise

There is nothing that is not possible in this country as far as this government remains. Nothing surprises me again. The same top military officers who know the root of insurgency and banditry in this country and has refused to talk or act according to the law because of bribery and corruption has brought shame to Nigeria. This is beyond banditry, there are top government officials using this people to terrorize Nigeria. Some of them has be mentioned in recent time, but the federal government acted like nothing happened. I just heard that one of the senators’ son was killed by bandits. That is what happens when they have refused to use their power to make sure insurgency and banditry is completely tackled in Nigeria. Now, the Nigeria Defense Academy was attacked and officers were adopted. Honestly, I don’t understand what this people are thinking. Right now lives of citizens are in danger if a whole Nigeria Defense Academy can be attacked. I hereby solicit for urgent intervention by the international community before this attack get out of hand.

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Nelson Iwu

The attack on the Nigerian Defense Academy is what can happen to any other country. Nigerians should stop making news out of nothing. Who or where else would they attack if not the force men? Anyone or institution can be attacked by insurgents who has sworn to trouble Nigeria. If the Nigerian Defense Academy was attacked it reveals that the insurgents has plans of overwhelming the country. It’s not a time to start scandalizing the government or the NDA. It’s a time where government should reinforce and restrategize on how to totally erase insurgency and banditry in the country. There is no country whose Defense academy cannot be attacked. It’s normal, they were only attacked, and they were not destroyed. I appeal to the government and the Nigerian Defense Academy to tighten up and reinforce.

Jordan James

What else, it has happened and it a huge disappointment. It is to show the high level of insecurity challenges in Nigeria because of incompetent leadership. The Nigerian Defense Academy should tighten up and make necessary adjustment in order to protect their territory. It is very sad to hear and I believe the federal government should also set up a joint body that will critically look into security matter in the country. Nigeria will never recover from the damage caused by this incompetent government.

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Lucky Adelaide

Why won’t they attack the Defense Academy when some top government officials are the brain behind insurgency and banditry in the country. At this point, it’s now clear that Nigerian government has no lasting solution to the insecurity challenges in the country. Everyone in the country should be ready to fight bandits by every means they can. This government has finally lost it. Look at the police stations and police men that were burnt down across the country. Look at the lives of Nigerians that has been trapped down by bandits in the name of herdsmen. Sometimes I ask myself how Nigeria became very bad to the level. I believe that no insurgents and bandits can have upper hand against any country that is ready to clear them off. Nigeria government should wake up and face this insecurity challenges before it become a life style.

Lawrence Ijie

Well, it was actually an attack. There is no country where there are no attack. The problem is that this insurgents and bandits are becoming stronger than the forces in the country. This is the right time to wake up because if it is not handled now, they will over power the entire Nation. Everybody should be vigilant because the way everything is going right now, I think they now more strategic than our armed forces. In addition to it, I think this bandit issue has become too much because of the hardship this government has inflicted on the people. Honestly people are hungry everything is becoming unbearable. Government should come closer to the people and empower them to eradicate poverty in Nigeria.

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Smart Afam

Attack happen but when the people that has been trained to protect and defend the nation is overpowered, then there is big problem. The military and the rest should wake up and face insecurity in Nigeria. We don’t want to hear shameful stories like that again. We need to advance by doing the right thing. Government should come together to find final solution to the insecurity challenges in Nigeria. People are adopted easily, lives are condemn every day by this bandits. Our government should order the security personnels to do something about it or they will be dismissed.

Gideon Odion

It’s very shameful and it shows how weak those who claim to be defending the country is. It’s a sad news and wish the federal government will stand up to face insecurity once and for all. Nigerians are not safe again. Who knows the next to be attacked again. All security personnel should be well equipped and government should thoroughly ensure that we come to the end of it. Attack happen, yes but it surprised me because of the boldness they have to attack Nigeria Defense Academy. If they can have that confidence to attack, it means there no body they won’t be able to face. Government should immediately do something about it and they should team up with all security heads to proffer a lasting solution to insecurity in Nigeria.


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