ASURI Threatens To Occupy Ministry Of Finance Over Non-payment Of CONRIASS To Staff Workers

ASURI Threatens To Occupy Ministry Of Finance Over Non-payment Of CONRIASS To Staff Workers

BY Abdullateef Bamgbose

Academic Staff Union of Research Institute ( ASURI) has decried the alleged selective payment of its 13 years arrears on CONRIASS salary negotiation by the Minister of finance Zainab Ahmed, saying that the union has incontrovertible evidence that showed that the Ministry of Finance has started paying some selected research institutes through the backdoor.

The Secretary of the Union Theophilus Ndubuaku, made the allegation when he led a protest to the Ministry of Finance in Abuja, on Thursday.

According to the secretary general of ASURI, “ For the past 13 years the Government of Nigeria has refused to pay us our arrears of one year CONRIASS negotiations, we negotiated CONRIASSS in 2010, we were supposed to be paid 50% and left the rest for one year, we have incontrovertible evidence that they have started paying , but that is not even the issue, the ministers that have research institutes under them have written and confirmed that President Muhammad Buhari , has approved that this payment be made. We are talking of something in a neigbourhood of about N10billlion, that they are owing us for 13 years as research institutes and they are expecting us to sit down and conduct research that will develop Nigeria , in the face hunger, poverty, insecurity and the recession , they expect us to stay and work with commitment”

While appealing to the minister of Finance and patriotic Nigerians to pay the 13 years arrears due for Nigerian Research workers, Ndubuaku, warned that the Thursday protest was warning to the Ministry that if nothing is done the Union will occupy the ministry to prevail on the relevant authority to pay the arrears.

The secretary General of ASURI, Ndubuaku, while addressing the press at the Ministry of Finance lamented that every successful Government in Nigeria has neglected the research Institutes in Nigeria

“The reason this country is failing as a state, why we have this unprecedented insecurity, poverty is because this country has neglected research. No country in the world develop or will develop without research in this country successful Government has left what they should do, focus on research to pursue shadow” He said.

Continued, Ndubuaku said that “ Sincerely speaking this country cannot solve the problem of insecurity, poverty through the National Assembly, you cannot solve the problem through any elephant project, if you must solve the problem, attention must be given to research” He admonished .

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