Appointment Of Former Service Chiefs As Ambassadorial Nominees: Nigerians Speak

Appointment Of Former Service Chiefs As Ambassadorial Nominees: Nigerians Speak
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The recent appointments of the ex-service chiefs as Ambassadorial nominees’ by President Muhammadu Buhari last week, continued to generate reactions from Nigerians, AljazirahÑigeria’s Wisdom Onyeisi went round the city of Abuja to sample the opinion of the people on the issue.

Smart Dele

I am not surprised because I know this government has no good plans for Nigerians. How can the president reappoint the ex-service men who did nothing significant with their position when they were serving? There are many young men out there but the leaders keep revolving and recycling these old men. How can this country move forward with such an appointment that in my opinion is baseless? President Buhari should please use our younger ones and not men who are old and tired.

Morrison Eke

Sincerely, we are very tired of this government. It is clearly the government of the cabal, for the cabal and with the cabal. Tracing their records, things remained the same. If they had done well, there would not be security challenges in this country. These are the same people the president has reappointed because he feels Nigerians are not knowledgeable to decipher his intentions. That reappointment is not going to help this country. Mr. President has disappointed Nigerians.

Zainab Aminu

Well, I believe the President has his reasons for their reappointments. Nigerians should stop speaking against it because I know before they were considered their records must have been scrutinized. Things change, they cannot remain the same. When such changes come, Nigerians should look beyond who is involved and key into what they can achieve for the country. I welcome and support the reappointments and I also indulge them to serve in the true spirit of a Nigerian.

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Wilson Ayo

Mr. President has decided to hold this country down with such reappointments. Ex- service chiefs are now to be serving ambassadors but failed woefully in prosecuting insurgency for over five years. I don’t understand why President Buhari will reappoint men who have no integrity and during their leadership as service chiefs abysmally performed and could not defeat Boko Haram. It is only in Nigeria where anything is possible.

Azubuike Ebere

It’s simply pure politics. Power and appointments has never been by merit in Nigeria, it is for compensation of friendship. Nigerians are tired of this government. They have changed and chained the citizens. No advancement and no tangible thing to show. Hardship has taken over the country. Reappointing ex-service chiefs as ambassadorial designates is baseless. 

Godwin Iwu

We live in a country where laws are not properly followed even by those who made the law. Mr. President feels that he can appoint anybody he wants into any position. The ex-service chiefs that are supposed to be resting have been brought back to public services. Nigeria is a funny place to live. Nigerians will only complain but nothing can change it. This government is a shock to all of us.

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Zakariyya Yusuf

My problem is not the reappointment. My problem is that our country has been hijacked by few men who break and amend the law to suit their interest. We are tired of this nonsense happening in Nigeria. Some of these men in power forged certificates and they are given positions over and over again because it is in their hands.

Ibrahim Mohammed

Reappointing the ex-service chiefs is a new development I think the president has initiated because of the capacity of those men. What I am against is the abuse of the positions given to them by introducing military style of administration. They should prove to Nigerians that there is something the president saw in them which will help build the country. These are experienced men; they know what it means to make peace and harmony in the country. Their reappointment is never a problem for me.

Samson Ubong

There is nothing you will do in this life that Nigerians will not complain. The president deems it fit to fix those men there; it must not go well with everyone in the country. If the president appoints fresh people you will still hear noise from Nigerians. The reappointment is done, let’s not make a mountain out of it rather pray and encourage them to serve better.

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Queen Alonzie

Oh, my dear country, Nigeria. I weep so hard for you. Confused men taking confused decisions. I believe it’s politics and the president reappointed those that are loyal to him. Anything can happen under this government.

 Gilbert Boniface

That is not right. Why reappoint the ex-service chiefs. They have served and that is all. Opportunity should be given to others to serve. I don’t understand why the president will do that. This government has a bad reward system. We keep hearing and seeing things that awkward every time in this present government. I do not support such appointments when there are people who are capable and have not handled any position but contributed to the emergence of this administration.


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