Alleged Secret Release Of 109B/Haram Inmates: Nigerians Speak

Alleged Secret Release Of 109B/Haram Inmates: Nigerians Speak

Following the recent information about the secret release of suspected Boko Haram insurgents without trial to the Borno State Government, What is the effect of such action to Nigeria, considering the insecurity challenges in the country? AljazirahNigeria’s Wisdom Onyeisi went round the city of Abuja to sample public opinion.

It’s a very shameful thing to hear that the military who claimed they are fighting insurgency to release the same enemy they claimed they have captured. It’s a barbaric act and it is totally unacceptable. These Boko Haram boys have killed and destroyed lives and properties in the country and the next time they did is to secretly release them? That is the height of foolishness because the same people they released will still continue from where they stopped. I have always suspected the military because I know the capacity of the military in terms of fighting insurgency. It wouldn’t take them a month to clear off the Boko Haram boys if they actually wanted to fight and end the insurgency. I think there is more to their release and perceived that some top politicians have a strong hand in this insurgency.

There is nothing that surprises me again in Nigeria because anything can happen in Nigeria without the law taking its proper cause. If the military who the country rely on to protect, defend and fight for the country is now very corrupt to the level of secretly releasing criminals they have captured because they have been paid it means Nigeria can be blown out even right at the nose of the army. Nigeria is not safe again and it’s very unfortunate. I think this calls for serious concern because such action is deadly and those who are involved such be fisher out and dismissed from the Army.

Corruption is the major problem of Nigerians in every sector. Now, the military has been influenced by those who never want peace in this country. How can they release a  set of boys who have jeopardized lives and properties in the country for years now. I am very ashamed of this country. It is very unfortunate that there is no government institution that can do their job without being influenced by bad eggs in the country. Those boys were actually released because a top politician has influenced the military. Boko Haram boys should be captured and face the law without sentiments.

That is exactly what you get from a corrupt set of people who claim to protect lives and property. It’s very sad to hear and it is not good for the ear at all that Boko Haram who has claimed the lives of people in the country are released secretly to continue from where they stopped. Who has done this to us in his country? The level of insecurity in the country is becoming unbearable and alarming and all they can do is to release the ones they captured secretly. I weep for this country because even those behind this evil will wake up one day and realize their lives are not safe. Boko Haram sets should be prosecuted when they are captured because it helps reduce the rate of loss of lives and properties in the country.

At this point where the military has been influenced so badly, I think that is the worst state. If the members of the Boko Haram boys captured were released without prosecution it shows that our leaders in this country know the root of the insecurity challenges in Nigeria and they are all benefiting from it. In this country a top government official who is a back bone to Boko Haram insurgents was exposed, yet the presidency never did anything to the minister. An end needs to come to much nonsense happening in Nigeria.

I have always known that there’s a business going on with the way the issue of Boko Haram is handled. They are not fighting Boko Haram, they are only deceiving the public. The insecurity in the country is now a very lucrative business for those at the top. It is very bad to know that Nigerian top government officials who are to protect the interest of the country are the ones behind the insecurity challenges in Nigeria by sponsoring boys to cause more harm in Nigeria. One thing is very sure, God will continue to expose them one after the other.

Tell me how the insecurity challenges in Nigeria will be tackled with this corrupt system. They have forgotten that it will still bounce back to them too. People whose sole aim is about what they can acquire at the expense of other people’s lives. Insurgency in Nigeria will not end until Nigeria government decides to handle it strictly and directly by fishing out sponsors of the Boko Haram boys, who are among the government. As far as I am concerned, Boko Haram is too small for Nigerian Army to handle if they actually want to clear them off.

This is the reason you see Nigeria in the valley of insecurity because of bad eggs who have refused to allow peace in the country. If they are releasing the Boko Haram insurgents they should also get ready for them because they are definitely going back to trouble Nigeria. It’s quite unfortunate that nobody cares what happens in Nigeria. The Nigerian Army should be investigated immediately and make sure those who are involved in this dubious act are disciplined.

Nigeria cannot go anywhere with this kind of attitude. Since this government emerged, things have turned upside down in the country. I believe that the military cannot just release those captured Boko Haram boys. They acted by instruction and that is why it will be very difficult to see certain advanced development in Nigeria because of things like this happening everywhere. Nigeria has been messed up and every Nigerian should know that his/her life is in God and their hands. If Boko Haram can be released secretly, it means anything can happen in this country. I advise the government to look into this issue and make sure it is brought to the limelight.

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