Alleged N20.5m Ransom Paid By NAF To Bandits: Nigerians Speak

Alleged N20.5m Ransom Paid By NAF To Bandits:  Nigerians Speak

Following a recent media report by Wall Street Journal alleging that the Nigerian Air Force ,NAF, coordinated a N20.5m ransom payment to bandits in exchange for an anti-aircraft gun, over intelligence leaks that bandits  had planned to bring down flights especially the presidential jet with the President Buhari on board, do you think the government is sincere in the fight against terrorism ravaging the North? AljazirahNigeria’s reporter; Wisdom Onyeisi went round the city of Abuja to sample public opinion.

Patrick Obele

I have always known that there are many top government officials sponsoring terrorism against Nigeria. It is a very big shame to the Nigerian Army. In the first place, how did terrorists get hold of the anti-graft gun? So the only thing to do is to pay a ransom of 20.5m to terrorists instead of launching out to comb that forest and terminate all activities of these terrorists in this country. This is an embarrassment. Nigerians are very highly disappointed and this act has ridiculed the integrity of the Nigerian government and the military.

Samuel Seugun

It’s no longer hidden that terrorism and banditry is now a lucrative business for some corrupt top government officials who has sworn to trouble this country. How can a whole Nigeria military pay such an amount of money to terrorists? It means banditry and terrorism has been finally approved in the country. You see, this government cannot accept the fact that they are behind the atrocities happening in this country. A government who negotiates and compensates terrorists and bandits has nothing to offer. It simply shows that the government has failed woefully.

Ibrahim Ahmed

What do you expect from a government who has shown in every area that the lives and properties of Nigerians do not matter?  If you bring it up now, they will deny it. One thing you need to understand is that anything is possible with this present government. Nigerians should be praying to God for their safety because the government who claim they are protecting lives and properties are the same people sponsoring terrorists and bandits in order to render this country empty. One thing I know is that evil will surely slay the wicked.  This government has never been sincere to Nigerians and with their claim of fighting insurgency in the country.

Uchenna Okwudili

Honestly, this has really shown that this government has been toiling with the lives of Nigerians. If the military can pay such a huge amount of money to terrorists it means the insecurity will never end. The Nigerian military has disappointed this country and it is very bad. My advice to every Nigerian is to be careful and watchful because this government has proven to us that they are behind terrorism in Nigeria by paying ransom to terrorist which they can quietly destroy just in a day.

Maxwell Uchala

I am not surprised because a top government official that is very close to the presidency was mentioned to be one of the key sponsors of terrorism in this country, till date, no investigation neither sanction. So, they will always do what they can to make sure they dry up this country. It is no longer hidden; the government has not taken full responsibility to fight insurgency in this country. They are using everything to enrich themselves and to frustrate the lives of Nigerians. The Nigerian military knows where the terrorists and bandits are if they are serious about tackling insecurity in the country. They have been completely reduced and bought by this government. It is very shameful and a big stain on them.

Isa Abubakar

Nigeria is never valued by this present government. How can a government who budgets billions of Naira every year to fight insurgency turn to paying ransom to terrorists. No government in the world will do that. The question is how did this terrorist beat the military and lay hold of the anti-craft gun? It is very possible that it was all framed by those in the government who are the key sponsors of these terrorists in order to make more money. The duty of the military is to fight insurgency not to negotiate ransom. It is very unreasonable and totally wrong.

Vivian Ubong

Honestly, I never believed that the Nigerian military has been reduced to paying ransom to terrorists instead of fighting to recover the anti-craft gun which they claimed was stolen by the terrorist group. This government has failed Nigerians in every area. It is only the government that will lay hands on terrorists, instead of jailing them; they will grant them bail and put them on payroll. No efficient President will allow such a thing to happen. It has come to the point where the international communities’ come to the rescue of Nigerians because our government has completely disappointed us.

 Ovie Oghenetega

This government has never had the wellbeing of Nigerians in their mind. Imagine a whole military supplying money to terrorists to regain their anti-craft gun. It means there is hope for Nigerians in the area of security. If you look at the situation of Nigeria you will understand that this government has failed completely. It is very obvious that the source of some of the major problems facing Nigeria is from the so-called leaders who are there for selfish reasons.

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