Air Peace Causes Commotion In Lagos Airport, Blows Away Catering Truck

Air Peace Causes Commotion In Lagos Airport, Blows Away Catering Truck
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A catering truck on Friday was overturned and blown away by the thrust of an Air Peace aircraft at the Murtala Mohammed International Airpot, Lagos, it was gathered.

The catering truck owned by Sky Care Catering was underneath the Air Peace Boeing 777, when nwwsmen got to the scene in Lagos.

Investigation gathered by this newspaper indicate that Air Peace violated safety rules by taxing from that side of the airport. Airport officials who spoke to newsmen said the airline broke the rules by operating from that area and putting the lives of crew at risk.

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Exhaust velocities of a Boeing 777 is stronger than a category 5 hurricane, even when the aircraft is on the ground, according to findings.

The incident happened at the Ground Air Traffic (GAT).

” Everyone knows that the B777 aircraft moving with at least 40 per cent power requires a 400 feet distance from the jet stream, said an aviation expert.

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According to Boeing the manufacturer of the B777, the exhaust hazard area for breakaway thrust extends to 400 feet behind large aircraft. For takeoff thrust, the hazard area extends up to 1,900 feet behind the aircraft.

The Sky Care Catering truck was seen less than 50 feet from the aircraft trying to service the airliner.

Turbine engines can produce anywhere from 2,000 to over 100,000 lbs of thrust. Hundreds of vehicles and aircraft have been damaged over the years due to exhaust wake (jet blast).

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