Agitation For Return Of Presidency To South In 2023: Nigerians Speak

Agitation For Return Of Presidency To South In 2023: Nigerians Speak
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Following agitations for power shift ahead of 2023 general election, amid growing dichotomy between the North and South on how to resolve key existential problems in Nigeria such as restructuring, zoning of 2023 presidency, farmers/herders clashes, open grazing and agitations for self-determination among others, do you think power rotation is healthy for Nigeria? AljazirahNigeria’s reporter Wisdom Onyeisi went round the city of Abuja to get public opinions.


Well, Nigeria has a working system and process of electing presidential aspirants into position. It is called an election. If the candidates from the southern part of the country have all it takes to beat opponents from other parts, then they should be elected according to the law. On the other hand, I think it will be very difficult to have a southerner as a president because the Northerners are larger in number than the southerners, so going by votes, I don’t know the fate of the southerners. Nevertheless, what we need is a good leader with the right mindset no matter the part of the country he hails from.


Honestly, I support the agitation; Nigeria is a very large country with different ethnic groups and tribes located in different areas or regions of the country. I don’t think it will be good for certain people from the same region and religion in the country to continue to rule without giving other regions the opportunity to handle government at the federal level. The different government under the leadership of some northern leaders has drastically reduced Nigeria. Check the difference between the government of Good luck Jonathan and the current government; you will know that our northern leaders have been a problem to this country.

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It is very possible and achievable. The southern aspirants should come together to project a candidate of their choice. They should have a firm agreement among themselves and select the best qualified candidate to present to the Nigerian electorate. If you check the current administration, you will find out that almost every ‘super’ public position is handled by the northerners because the president hails from the north and has never hiddenly been nepotistic. It’s very wrong. They are trying to hijack the country. It won’t work this time around. Nobody is afraid of their strategies of being violent to peaceful electorates. The entire country is waiting to support the southern aspirants because it’s absolutely wrong to watch the northerners manipulate election results to remain in power.


It’s simple. I think it will depend on the agreement of the parties to carefully select a candidate from southern Nigeria to represent before us the voters. It will be very tough and difficult but I believe with mutual understanding, it can be done. Southerners should not just seek the presidency; they should buckle up because the votes will always determine the winner.  Last election saw Buhari vs Atiku from the APC and the PDP all from the North. We also saw it during the 1999 general election when ‘PDP’ Obasanjo slugs it out with Olu Falae ‘AD’ all from the South West part of the South.

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The problem in Nigeria is not about having a southern leader or northern leader. The problem is that Nigeria has been totally destroyed and torn down by the so-called leaders who are very corrupt. For me, anybody can rule this country, whether from north or south, so long as he is doing a tremendous amount of work for the country. Even if we change leaders, if the leaders do not have the right mind to change Nigeria for good, Nigeria will remain where we are. I think we should be more concerned about understanding the interest of every aspirant before electing them.


You see, this is the problem in Nigeria. Favouritism and nepotism. This agitation is as a result of the interest of the southerners. Nobody is interested in Nigeria but they are all agitating for the favour of their people. Nobody is talking about the greedy leaders rather they are agitating for benefits. It’s time we set up a very coercive law for anyone who desires to be the president of this country. I mean, if anyone must be a president there must be certain hard consequences that are tied to position in order to help him do more than expected because it is looking like they can turn the country upside-down and get away with it.


My problem is that all of them have failed Nigerians. Whether from the north or south. Even if we have a southerner as a president today, it will still be the same thing. The truth remains that the northerners are not ready to leave that position with anybody, not even now, they can’t afford to lose it for anything. The whole agitation is just a political strategy that will still involve a round table settlement. Honestly, we are tired of this nonsense happening all the time. Now the question is, after the agitation what next? Nigerians have given up on their leaders whether from the North or the South.

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Right now, power should return to the South, if not the northern leaders are ready to keep this country baseless if there is no immediate intervention. If the southerners are given the privilege to take over the presidency, I strongly believe that a lot of things will take a new shape in Nigeria. There will be balance and the Nigerian economy will be better. The southerners are very prepared to transform Nigeria and prove to every Nigerians and the world at large that Nigeria can be rebranded again. I believe it definitely is the best opportunity to push Nigeria on the fast lane. Nigeria has been crawling over the years. We need progress not retrogression.


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