ADC Presidential Candidate Wants INEC To Extend Voter Registration

ADC Presidential Candidate Wants INEC To Extend Voter Registration

Mbachu Godwin, Abuja

Presidential candidate of the African Democratic Congress  ADC Dumebi Kachikwu has urged the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC to consider the appeal by Nigerians and extend the date line for the on going voter’s registration exercise.

The presidential hopeful who argued that the electoral body has no reason not to extend the exercise said it will afford many Nigerians who had encountered difficulties in assessing the registration exercise to do so .

Kachikwu argued that the success of the voter’s registration exercise will determine the out come of the 2023 general election.

He said ” There is no reason why INEC shouldn’t extend the deadline. The excuses they are making are absolutely rubbish. I have an IT background; people can register two weeks before the elections.

“It’s ‘Garbage In-Garbage Out,’ it’s what you feed into the system, what are they talking about. The problem is the government in power understands that when people register with passion like we are seeing right now, they know those people are coming with vengeance to vote them out, so they would do everything to discourage them from voting.

“We can see that from what’s happening in some centers, even in Abuja here. For the last four, five months some persons have not been able to register, where has it been reported? Go and fill the form, just try and register, you cannot.

“They do this intentionally, they know what’s going to happen in the next election, they don’t want more people to vote them out, and so they discourage it.

We have to understand that in 2023, Buhari whom we abuse everyday will not be on the ballot, his failed government might be on the ballot but Nigerians and their attitude towards the elections will be on the ballot, the world will be watching us.

“The world will not listen to us again if we miss the chance now to make things right. For decades we’ve done this all the time, we know who we should not vote for, but we continue to vote for these people.

Self is destroying Nigeria; the interest of a few is what is destroying Nigeria. The failure of Nigeria is the failure of all. Four years is a long time, seven years has gone out of the lifetime of Nigerians, seven years of misery and suffering and here we are again.

“When government fails, the role of the media is to protect society. But if the media don’t know their role, society is in jeopardy.”

On his agenda he said he is in the race to tackle the challenge of insecurity and poverty that has bedeviled the country , adding that the country is bleeding and needed to be rescued. 

He however urged Nigerians to rise up to the occasion and resist the politics of money bags and vote out the two major political parties which according to him has brought corruption and insecurity to the country. 

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