Abuja Village Where Commercial Sex Workers Offer Services For N3OO

Abuja Village Where Commercial Sex Workers Offer Services For N3OO

A few minutes drive from the City Centre is a popular slum close to Jabi District in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, called Dape Village. The community is well known for its hospitality to visitors, especially those referred to as ‘women of easy virtue’, those whose sole means of livelihood revolves around commercial sex activities.

Those who have lived in the FCT at least for a decade could recall that Dape is one of the communities that narrowly escaped the demolition threats of the then FCT Minister, Nasir El-Rufai.

A particular busy spot in the village called Black Gate has become the abode of many women of easy virtue. Most visitors, especially those on promiscuity visit and exploration won’t miss this notable zone. At another popular spot,

Dape junction, most sex hunters were seen hovering around like bees, especially at night. Most people see prostitution as illegal, illicit and against all traditional norms and culture. The community, widely known because of its strategic location within the expressway leading to Life Camp, Idu Karmo and of course one of the industrial hubs in Abuja city. Most ladies, who spoke to our correspondent, said they are not happy engaging in prostitution.

The business has been described as one with a lucrative outcome, even as some ‘customers are perceived as big shots and big time business owners.’ Although the community including the illicit business is thriving because of the high population of people from different tribes and social status, the practitioners said they ventured into it due to the harsh economic circumstances in the country.

They spoke passionately about their condition and solicited for government’s assistance. The business, according to the practitioners who are mostly young ladies, makes them susceptible to all kinds of diseases even though they debunked ever contacting Sexually Transmitted Diseases, STDs.

They also blamed the police for constantly raiding their brothel, alleging that most times, they also rape them before releasing them. Impresit junction is another hot recreation joint which attracts high patronage of high and low income visitors.

It has many brothels within, bar and drinking parlors, as well as some permanent guests who are usually young ladies serving customers with revealing attires. Here most customers can freely and publicly engage any lady they want depending on their persuasive power. A visit to the community during the last religious celebration was an eye opener, as most sex workers openly approached and negotiated with intending customers.

They claimed that since most men on first visit are treacherous and could be dangerous, they always prefer pay before service arrangement. In a chat with one of the famous girls in the area, she blamed government for their woes, adding that some of them are graduates but have been unable to get legitimate jobs.

Though she pleaded for anonymity, a well built and naturally endowed young woman in her 30s revealed that at times, they are willing to offer their bodies to customers for as low as N300 per round. She explained that the use of condom is a personal choice of the male customers, but she charges a high amount if a customer prefers unprotected intercourse.

Most of the commercial sex hawkers wear skimpy clothes with heavy facial make up in a bid to grab willing customers for desperate sex. It was also observed that because they have home service arrangement, those on night duty are expected to make more money than those in the brothel.

During the visit, it was observed that most ladies in the business are irresistible and most men, except those who are disciplined, will fall for their antics. It was also observed that some men, especially those without permanent ‘mistresses’ come around, stand aloof while their eyes and senses discern a suitable spot that would suit their sexual appeal and appetite.

What makes these illegal businesses successful despite a police post within the community is that some officers also patronize them under trade by barter arrangement. Our investigation revealed that the younger the lady, the higher the amount paid for the service rendered.

The traditional ruler of the community, in a chat with our reporter, blamed the thriving commercial sex business on modernization. He observed that most of the problems in his community and the country at large could be traced to the negative influence of social media. He described those engaged in commercial sex trade as ‘loose’.

He condemned ladies who wear indecent and revealing dresses in public places, saying he had earlier commenced ‘operation dress well or quit his community’ which many residents fought against. A major setback for the commercial sex workers in Dape is the constant raiding of the community by security agents who believe that it provides a safe haven for criminals and prostitutes, who in a long run, could bring woes to the area. A commercial sex worker said ‘‘they come to this place almost every day to arrest everybody they see.

They said all the criminals in Abuja come here to relax and hide. On a regular basis, police and their agents come here to harass us and our customers claiming that we constitute a threat to the city.’’

The police in the community refused to comment on the matter when our correspondent visited their outpost. Three officers were seen, with their guns dangling around their waist, they however refused to comment on the matter. However, some hot spots for commercial sex business were recently demolished by the Department of Development Control because of several illegal businesses therein.

It would be recalled that a former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu had during a presentation on the floor of the Senate, urged his colleagues to begin the process of controlling commercial sex workers and prostitution in Nigeria, as they cannot stop or prevent it in totality. It will be noteworthy for the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons and other Related Matters, NAPTIP, to visit Dape Community and rehabilitate those willing to abandon the oldest profession in the world.

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