Abuja Politicians Bent On Distracting Gov. Abubakar – OC Kwano

Abuja Politicians Bent On Distracting Gov. Abubakar – OC Kwano
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Alhaji Danladi OC Kwano is a media aide to Governor Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar of Bauchi State. He is renowned radio commentator who is vociferous in defending the state government ’s interest and attacks the governor’s detractors in his radio programmes. In this exclusive interview with AljazirahNigeria Correspondent SANI MUH’D SANI, Kwano states reasons why the people of Bauchi rallied behind the governor during the just concluded primary elections despite all the hurdles Excerpts:

We’ll like you to introduce yourself.


My names are Alhaji Danladi OC Kwano, Sheikh Mai Barka – Barka, image maker of the Bauchi State Governor,  Barr. Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar of Bauchi State.

There are complaints by civil servants in the state who are still not happy with Gov. Abubakar’s way of handling their affairs. How do you perceive that? 

No single civil servant is being owed by the state government a single Naira, because of the prudent and transparent manner the Bauchi Governor is handling state resources, all salaries were paid as and when due even before the 25th of every month. This coming at  a time when civil servants in our neighbouring states are owing four to five months’ salary arrears, we must not forget that this is a governor that receives commendation letter from the ICPC for judiciously utilizing the bailout funds, he was very unaware of an investigation launched on him by the ICPC, on the bailout funds. This is a governor Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar that received the commendation letter from Bill Gates, the proprietor of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in which he appreciated the effort of the State Government in routine immunization programme and the implementation of primary health care under one roof.

Some opined that Governor Abubakar has not created employment.

We have so many civil servants in the state. Bauchi State does not have other sources of revenue than that collected from the federation account and about sixty five percent of the money collected from the federation account every month goes to payment of state civil servant salaries, the other remaining thirty five percent is the only portion that he uses to provide all the good things he has provided for the people of the state, a lot of people don’t understand that what is received from the federation account is not enough to pay workers at the same time provides basic amenities like water, medicine, hospital equipment, construction of road networks all these is what he has been doing for the people and to employ more workers as at now means suicide, it is not that he’ll not employ more government workers where and when necessary but he has to soft pedal and wait for the right time, that is until sources of revenue accruing to government coffers improve and as I said earlier he has created more sources of wealth than all those that govern the state before him.

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Governor Abubakar declared no enmity with anybody despite them spending over three billion in Abuja to scuttle the effort of the APC state EXCO’s decision for indirect primaries, a decision they take to ensure that the primaries are conducted in peace and the state remains peaceful, but those of them who don’t wish the state well and don’t care if a soul is lost as they don’t stay in Bauchi, manoeuvred  their way and deceived the National Chairman and the National Working Committee of the APC to support them for the direct primaries after the state EXCO has decided on indirect primaries, to them to became a governor is a do or die affair when they have nothing tangible to show that they have done for the people of the state. We don’t even know from which state one of them is from, another one is living abroad and they all come now to participate in the governorship race. I have no iota of doubt that Governor Abubakar will win the 2019 election because he is the choice of the people and once you are the choice of the people, no one can be a stumbling block to you.

Why do you think governor Abubakar scaled the gubernatorial primary election for 2019 despite hurdles especially within the APC which he belongs?

Governor Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar has over the three and half years of his administration in Bauchi state brought a lot of progress and initiatives that project the state to a more better place, the governor after been sworn in as governor of Bauchi state gives more attention to the education sector which has seen its worse days before the inception of his administration in 2015, the Governor creates more sources of funds for the vast populace of the state which is more significant and beneficial than government employment, he also pay monthly salaries as at when due despite paucity of funds.

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Governor Abubakar has always been in the forefront of in reinvigorating various sectors of the state economy especially the education and health sectors, he contracted women from various communities across the state for the purpose of supplying and cooking free school feeding that is independent of the one initiative by the federal government of Nigeria.

This is in itself another form of creating employment because employment does not mean people only to be employed by the Government and receiving a salary at the end of every month. having sources of funds, having something doing is the best way of creating wealth, and jobs opportunities which are even more important and beneficial than depending on salary as traders, farmers, small businessmen and women, even commercial motorcycle and other forms of transport operators benefit from.

The governor executed the renovation of 486 schools across the twenty local governments of the state, furnished with basic learning materials such as desks and computers while a set of 682 blocks of brand new secondary school classrooms were erected, he has employed more qualified teachers and  provides motorcycles to education supervisors in the state as well as ensuring payments of over five billion Naira monthly salary for primary and junior secondary school teachers and the construction of residential quarters for the teachers with a view to motivate the teaching staff.

In the health sector, the governor’s has renovated and ensured the supply of medicines and other basic equipment and materials to various hospitals across the state.

Governor Abubakar has ensured peace and peaceful co-existence among the people of Bauchi state despite the serious challenges he faced from those who don’t have the interest and the love of the people in their heart, they are detractors of his administration who flung Abuja every day in an effort to destabilize his administration, to scuttle the progress of Bauchi by believing that they could achieve their aim, it was because of this that his detractors thought that by deceiving the NWC of APC to  impose direct primaries on the Bauchi state EXCO of the Party, our amiable Governor will be defeated and they’ll have their own way, but the almighty God is with Governor Abdullahi Abubakar and the scales through the primaries with overwhelming majority in a peaceful primary election.

Abubakar constructed new roads and renovated some of them that have become impossible to be renovated by previous administration in the state to execute in various local governments in the state,  most significant to note is that he has created enabling environment for all citizens to dwell in a peaceful atmosphere which is basic for wealth creation, This are the reasons why he enjoyed massive support of the people of the state and all these are achieved because of his tenacity to ensure dividends of democracy is enjoyed by all.

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There are allegations of undersupply on the food paid by the government for the free school feeding program by the contract awardees. What action do you think the governor should take if this is true?

These are mere allegations because to this moment there has not been any complaints that the food supplied to any of the schools in the twenty local governments of the state is not enough, Governor Abubakar has one pre-condition on the way he runs the affairs of his government, once you cannot be trusted, he’ll throw you out of the bus before the ignition. If these people that are saddled with the responsibility of cooking the free school feeding program are thieves, he’ll by now relieve them and employ another set, if this is true I will personally advise him to discard them and employ others because there are always good people around.

What advice do you have for the people?

My advice is first for the entire people of Bauchi state, they should always ask themselves and be able to point out who has them at heart, who do they believe is always there among them and who always ensure they enjoy dividends of democracy and do away with those who only comes to Bauchi only on election time, because if that person who comes only during election time did not win, the people will never see him until another election timetable is schedule, but Governor Abubakar has always been in Bauchi, he never go and stay anywhere until election time, he has always been around in the state with the people up to the time he was elected Bauchi State Governor.


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