Abduction Of Pupils Amid Poor School Enrolment

Abduction Of Pupils Amid Poor School Enrolment

When the Chibok abduction of over 200 school girls took place in that calm town in Borno State, it popularized the hitherto uncelebrated area for a bad reason as it jolted our nation for more than one reason. The sheer number of the victims, the dare-devil audacity of the perpetrators and the fact that it was the first of its kind in contemporary history as it is unsure if there were precedents or antecedents.

As at the moment, we are aware that a good number of the girls are still in captivity of the Boko Haram terrorists which had claimed responsibility then. Then followed another strike by the ISIL terrorists which saw the abduction of yet another set of students in Dapchi in Yobe State where some students were captured with some later released with the exception of one Leah Sharibu who reportedly was deliberately held back because she would not yield to the dictates of her captors to denounce her faith. Years after it is uncertain the fate that has befallen her since then.

After these frightening scenarios in the North East, the nation’s peace has continued to be shattered by recurring kidnap of school children in the North which ironically is worst in the nation’s education index as most disadvantaged, given the poor school enrolment in the region. Kaduna State soon took over as a notorious spot for school kidnappings. It is unbecoming that we have continued to have abduction of school children in the North West, following in the pattern of Borno and Yobe States. It said that Doma in Nasarawa State became the latest in the list of school children abductees. The reports are hazy even as politicians are being fingered here. It is an unfortunate mix if they would be part of the embarrassing trade of kidnap.

There is a need for community response where Nigerians would be more decisive in managing affairs affecting them. We must begin to advocate community response to our security challenges which are not insurmountable. In some instances, we are wont to believe that insiders are part of the schemes to compromise our security and we must not fail to lose sight of that salient aspect.

Our institutions of learning need a better fortification against these rascally elements who have found our schools a soft target. We must all be hands on deck to check the menace of this collective affront against our national security. We must engage our retired military personnel in a time like this as they would be able to stand in the gap to forestall any incursion by intruders. Their presence after good ‘training’ for such a civil activity will go a long way in managing our situation. There are a lot of these retired persons who can readily volunteer to save us against the onslaught of these heartless intruders.

In addition, security agencies must enhance their visibility across various institutions of learning but this must come at the command of the authorities. It is worsening that more riff-raffs are getting more emboldened to confront our collective capacity because of the perceived lapses in our system. We have enough security agencies to handle these internal issues. The terrorists are going under pressure and working on soft targets and we must respond appropriately to curtail their excesses.

Again, we are worried that politicians are being fingered in some of the kidnaps which portray us as intolerant and barbaric. We must shed our primordial attributes to allow for a better Nigeria to subsist. 

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