8 Months Into Service, Governor Buni Has Performed Beyond Expectation – Yobe Commissioner

8 Months Into Service, Governor Buni Has Performed Beyond Expectation – Yobe Commissioner
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Yobe State Commissioner of Works. Engineer Umar Wakil Dudaye. In an interview with AljazirahNigeria Senior Correspondent North-East Region HASSAN JIRGI, speaks on various developmental strides of Governor Mai Mala Buni’s Administration, which includes construction of township roads, drainages and Culverts, housing, agriculture, Education, youths empowernment.


Sir, In what way can you assess your achievements in roads drainages and culvert construction in the state?


Before i go deeply,  I would like to start by saying that. My ministry is vested with the responsibilities of survey, design, supervision, and implementation of government policies on civil and mechanical services, it is involved in construction of new roads and drainages, maintenance of existing ones and control of all forms of regulations on either main or township roads across the state.

As you know, roads are crucial ingredients of the development of any society. So Governor Mai Mala Buni is building roads to access everywhere in his effort to open up the state. I get a sense that road construction is a signature policy of the Mai Mala Buni administration.

Construction of township roads in Buni-Yadi, Damagum, Babbangida and Jajimaji (A total of 9.4-Km of roads and 18.8-Km of drainage and culvert are being provided in the four towns at the total cost of N2,484,596,063.78. And the governor is still working. If he keeps this pace, soon, Yobe will sing a brand new song in terms of adequate road connections. 

Many will come. Let me tell you that, also, continuation of the Yobe International Cargo Airport Project (due to be complete and put on functional within the year), Renovation of state Secretariat and educational structures at the Yobe state university.

I would like to tell you that, within eight months, Governor Mai Mala Buni has done what others have not done. All his major projects, programmes and initiatives have direct impact on the lives of the people of the state.

Our people’s standard of living are being improved. There will be a huge boost in the economic activities in these areas, because we now have roads linking communities to one another. The governor has inherited some uncompleted projects from the previous government, and he is determined to continue from where Gaidam stopped until completion.

How would you assess the performance of Governor Mai Mala Buni in general?

Governor Buni of Yobe State is a leader we have been yearning for. So far, he has sown sensibility to issues he meet on ground in the state and has put in adequate measures to tackle them. I am working with him, so I should be able to tell you the reality about this man. He is a person of enviable character. The first thing he did was to identify the areas of intervention, which are housing, education, agriculture, unemployment, security. And as a workaholic governor, he has taken decisive moves to tackle these challenges.

Buni has stroke a deal with Family Homes Funds Ltd to provide 2,600 units of houses to be built across the state. With this commendable development, very soon, a lot of people in Yobe will become Landlords. You know when you have a shelter over yourself, other things will fall in place naturally.

Yobe state, is a society with a rich history. We have sons and daughters who have excelled and still excelling in all fields of endeavour within and outside the country. Although the state has been a shadow of itself before the coming of this present administration, even as an agrarian state with huge economic potentials, But Buni’s revolution on Agricultural sector will bring about transformation to the state, it will bring about wealth and job creation within the sector. It will also help local farmers to overcome their long challenges. This administration has commenced the construction of access roads to markets. This will put an end to the difficulty of farming having to get their farm products to markets.

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We are taking construction of roads and infrastructure very seriously, understanding their importance in economy building. This is why all of us in this administration are throwing weights around the governor to succeed in his good works. In just eight months into service, Buni has put all strategies in place to enhance in success.

What has this administration done on education?

Education is key to success, it is also the backbone of all development. Buni’s declaration of state of emergency on education was the beginning of a milestone in this new all-inclusive government. Before now, Buni is known to be an astute manager of people and a leader who carries everyone along irrespective of tribe, religion, status or political affiliations, and a leader who listens and approachable.

Buni’s initiatives of revamping the education system in the state, especially the basic/secondary section, is a long-term dream.

Yobe State scholarship programme is part of Buni’s electioneering campaign promise to the youths. Sponsoring 700 students on different cadres and 20 students with disability to study abroad amounts to investing in the people. Human capital development is regarded as soft infrastructure. Being the fountain of knowledge that we are branded as, education shall become a means to end poverty and be deployed for economic growth and ensure that it makes significant impact in the life of the society. 
You must be aware also that this government entered into a pact with Bill and Melinda Gates and dangote Foundation to provide free medical service to the people. There has been continuous immunization of people to prevent the outbreak of diseases and lower the risk of illnesses in the society.  Health is wealth. Buni’s readiness to build health care facility across the 17 local government in every Ward is a sign of complete commitment and service delivery mandate and oriented governance.

There are others like rehabilitation and upgrade of 53 Primary Healthcare Centres across the state, establishment of Yobe State Contributory Healthcare Management Agency and the Yobe State Drugs and Medical Consumable Management Agency, Construction of a Maternal, New-born and Child Healthcare complex at the Yobe State University Teaching Hospital.

Can you highlight the major achievements of this administration in agriculture?

Yobe is known to be an agrarian society with huge economic potentials in both human and natural resources. Agriculture is a veritable engine growth to many state across the country, that’s the most reason my Governor. Buni is working aggressively to get Yobe back to reckoning by creating wealth and new jobs within the agricultural sector.

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If you could recall, Governor Mai Mala Buni has direct energy towards evolving a public centric economy that is market driven, create jobs, guarantee self-reliance and dignity. Yobe State partnering with the Kingdom of Morocco will bring about large-scale mechanized commercial farming, the wider application of modern technology and the production of high quality and value-added products. 

The governor has procured 9000 metric tonnes of NPK 15-15-15 fertilizer. The construction of the Damaturu Ultra-modern Market, resuscitation and putting back to production of Yobe Flour and Feed Mills, Yobe Woven Sacks Factory and the Yobe Sahel Aluminium Company are all indications of this administration’s giant strides.

The sector is now involved in the complete value chain (cultivation, harvest, processing, packaging and marketing) of the following products for export; rice, beans, cocoyam, maize, wheat, cassava, amongst others, and partners with National Agric Development Company to package and export our produce overseas.

The sector is now partnering with private sector players to facilitate the sorting, processing and transportation of produce to market, support livestock farming, build farming communities with necessary infrastructure – roads, water, power, healthcare, education etc., which would become resorts for tourism.

The launch of Back-To-Land farm settlement initiate to clear and make available at list 25,000 hectares for cooperative societies to farm food products, setting up of Yobe Agro- Produce Company (YAPC) will contribute to our success story.

The Yobe Joint Venture Company (YJVC), with private sector to take considerable share of daily food sales in Kano, explore MoU with Kano government to provide food market and to accept these on daily basis and also transport to Kanawa. This government has introduced a Commodities Exchange Portal linked to an out grower programme with the private sector. 

From every indications, governor Buni is supporting women farmers with skills, and communication devices to increase their capacity and enhance their growth in the sector.

In terms of empowerment, our governor, my governor Mai Mala Buni, also touched the lives of our teeming youths on the street, training 680 of them from the 17 local government areas of the state on paint production. He also gave cash support for small business owners including mai kosai, tea seller, vulcanizers and GSM repairers.

provision of foreign scholarships for 228 students (programme to take off soon), training of 50 youth mechanics in automobile repairs in kaduna (including in mechatronics, engine repairs and suspension, and air conditioning) these is what my governor done within short period of eight months in office, I believed.  He will do more by God grace.

Sir, Does Yobe has plan to adopt technical education and knowledge-based learning?

We have all these at hand: the establish a specialised institution of learning that will get young people engaged and create wealth, artisanship in agricultural production and processing, and also in the areas of building and road construction, automotive, industrial design, tourism and hospitality, art and performance, sports, fashion, photography, cooperate security, nursing care for the elderly and disabled. Other areas are ICT, shoe making, fishery, weaving, architecture, movie production, packaging, legal drafting etc.

We are partnering with international colleges/universities to mobilize young people for productive and safe trades, cnstruction of 200-bed capacity students hostel at the Dr Shehu Sule College of Nursing and Midwifery, Damaturu. Furthermore, we are giving full sponsorship to 69 Yobe Law graduates into six Nigerian Law School Campuses. What about hosting of Yobe Education and Agriculture Summits to chat way forward for the development of basic and secondary education, and the agricultural sector, provision of training and incentives to attract and retain skills, setting up a public service training college to enhance the capacity of various categories of public servants, provision of inducement to train talented Yobe people, as well as for attracting highly skilled professionals from other parts of the country; creation of a talent pool of the best talents from across the sectors and providing them with mid-career training and retraining to refresh and renew them,  provision of local and international scholarship to generate a new corps of professionals.

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This administration is borrowing hugely from the bank of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm available to our people in the diaspora. We are also seeking assistance from development agencies and international financial institutions to achieve our goals.

The Buni led-government of Yobe State is setting up strategic and innovative models that will help create and sustain viable businesses, focusing on energy and infrastructure, to build a strong local financial system. We are setting up an equity fund, in conjunction with private sector, to promote start-ups and make Yobe the hub of production, knowledge and creativity.

Do You agree that the Buni led-government is improving the security situation of Yobe?

Buni  has been working round the clock to see that the security situation of the state is improved. In order to protect the lives and property of the people of the state, governor Buni has provided 30 Toyota Hilux vehicles for operation Haba Maza and for other security agencies in the state.

Let me use this medium to call on the people of the state to continue giving their support and cooperation to the security operatives in the state.

This governor has always strived to contribute to national development by fighting oppressive government to a standstill. We can say without being immodest that Buni has dedicated his life, whether as a private or public citizen, to making the lives of people more abundant. Yobe is really where his heart lies, and this is the time to restore the dignity of Yobe people as the democratically elected governor of the state and the right time to put her back on the path of greatness.

The people of this state have suffered for so long and Governor Mai Mala Buni has such a reputation for uprightness and the rest of it. He should be given time and support for him to succeed. As a commissioner of work. I appreciate all government policies and programmes, particularly in the area of construction of roads, agriculture, education, youths empowerment, security, others.


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