78 Teardrops For Your Birthday

78 Teardrops For Your Birthday

The screams of innocent boys who chose the pen instead of the sword, the cries of little girls ravaged by men of no conscience, the severed heads of fathers taken from their farms as they seek for bread, the wails of mothers bemoaning their loss and wondering their crime. These forms 78 bouquets for you our dear President.

When President Muhammadu Buhari came on board in 2015, there was a huge sigh of relief that the insecurity bedeviling the nation is about to end, like a huge twist, Nigeria has gone cavernous into the annals of insecurity. The rising spate of insecurity in the country continues to have adverse impact on the country’s stability.

This is in addition to the economic hardship confronting her citizens and further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The uprising and demonstrations triggered by government’s lukewarm attitude to the problems bedeviling the country sent many Nigerians into the streets  and resulted to a huge fracas leaving many with haunting memories.

The insecurity in the country has been one so rampant that even the shortest journey is made with mind filled with fear of kidnappers amidst driving on bad roads prone to accidents. 

Our dear and beautiful Northern Nigeria is now a hub of criminal and mindless activities.The resourceful North is now a coterie of terrorists and bandits, farmlands abandoned and cattle rustled, people fear to live or leave.

The situation in the North is completely destabilized, and “there is a crisis of government and leadership”. The mobilization of terrorists and bandits in the Sahel has proven to have deleterious effects on security and human rights. These militants are starting to be more daring, seizing territories and wrecking havoc on people and properties.

Conflict entrepreneurs are cashing out big, they now sponsor terrorism and banditry for the huge gains and our security apparatus gets demoralized by the day despite huge financial allocations for arms procurement and logistics supplies.

The North has become an abyss of instability and penury. The question on every lip is “When will this end?”

Kankara schoolboys

The President’s kinetics depicts one who cares less about the happenings, his efforts are truncated by apparent forces who seems to be higher and more organized.

Whatever politics is being played out in the North, the 95 per cent below-par citizens are at the receiving end. And this must change. Nigeria must leave this behind in 2020.

May the bay of the coming year offer us a glimmer of hope.

Salami Amina Ann writes from Abuja. 

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