31.5miilion Nigerians Living With Disabilities – JONAPWD

31.5miilion Nigerians Living With Disabilities – JONAPWD

By Mariam Sanni, Abuja

The Joint Associations of Persons with Disabilities (JONAPWD) had disclosed that no fewer than 31.5million Nigerians are persons living with disabilities across the Nation.

The Association made this disclosure while addressing journalists  in a press conference at the end of the body’s constitutional review in Abuja.

The National President of JONAPWD, Abdullahi Usman explained that the constitutional review of the organization is aimed towards strengthening and self-development of persons living with disabilities in Nigeria.

‘’We gather here in order to structure our organization to review our constitution. We are here to give birth to the National association of persons with disability in Nigeria. We want to bring benefits for over 31.5million persons living with disabilities in Nigeria,’’ he said.

Furthermore, a member of JONAPWD Constitution Review Committee, Ihekwoaba Paul said that the association is trying to strengthen an already existing body to become more international and globally compliance with the new reality on ground.

He commended President Muhammadu Buhari for signing into law the new act that created a new platform for disabilities engagement for the commission.

‘’There is what we call a new normal and we are trying to conform to that new normal, so that as an organization we would be more formidable in all global areas to face the post Covid challenges as it is today. We are very convinced that in the next few months JONAPWD will be more ready for any kind of challenge globally and nationally.

‘’We are also grateful to the president for signing into law the new act that was created as a new platform for disabilities engagement  for the commission that has always come to place. We as a body are the main mainstream of the persons living with disabilities,’’ he noted.

A member, who speaks on behalf of women and Children Living with disabilities, Rabi Yusuf stated that the women and children are more vulnerable in the society.

She said,’’ I am representing them here to bring out issues, everybody should come in, disabilities issue is not the issue for disabled people alone.

‘We want the whole world to come to our aid, especially the children and women who are more vulnerable. We also know that we now have the law governing persons living with disabilities.  We want the world to put into consideration that we now have a law and a commission for persons living with disabilities.

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