230 Nigerians get UN peacekeepers medal

230 Nigerians get UN peacekeepers medal

At least 230 Nigerian peacekeeping troops serving under the United Nations Mission in Liberia, UNMIL, have been awarded the United Nations peacekeepers medal.

The UNIMIL, which announced the awards in a statement on Friday, said the peace keepers were conferred with the UN medals at a ceremony in Morovia in recognition of their contributions to peace and stability in Liberia.

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General, SRSG, Farid Zarif, presided over the ceremony at Camp Abuja in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia.

The UNIMIL said the UN medals were also presented to Staff Officers, Military Observers, and the Pakistani Medical Contingent, PAKMED.

In his remarks, Mr. Zarif said the peacekeepers contributed towards strengthening and consolidating peace and stability in Liberia.

“They have brought pride and honour, not just to their contingents, but also to their nations,” Mr. Zarif said.

“You have also given meaning to the United Nations services throughout the world by helping nations in distress in order to fight back some of the challenges that may have gone beyond their capacity,” he added.

The SRSG urged the peace keepers to take pride in their contributions to serving the common cause of the United Nations by helping humanity and nations in distress.