2023: Who Is Fit To Lead Nigeria (VI)

2023: Who Is Fit To Lead Nigeria (VI)

The CONVERSATION with morganomodu01@gmail.com

I reversed our conversation on ‘who is fit to lead Nigeria’ based on popular demands on the promise made that once the political parties complete their selection process we will come back to take a critical look at what we have and what the parties have in stock for us as a nation.

We should not forget the journey we followed before we arrived at this point, as well as the state of our nation that no doubt needs a total over hauling and turnaround from the current level of insecurity we face as a nation, the high level of poverty ravaging the land, collapse of most sectors of the country, part of which has seen our children stay off school because of strike, lack of basic developmental infrastructure. These and other reasons informed the search for a befitting leader for the country.

A very close ally that based in America put a call across and we got talking about the chances holistically of the leading candidates, it was someone I respect so much based on his antecedents, after long critical conversation, even though we had different views at the inception of our conversation but ended up on the same page, aimed at ensuring the country gets it right come 2023.

The major political parties have since held their primaries, even though not devoid of party fall outs from major contenders. It is a case of power shift, while another is battling with selection of the same faith as running mate. It has no doubt heated up the polity but we need to know what the duo have in stock for us.

The ruling party produced Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who went ahead to pick Senator Kashim Shetima, the antecedent of both can be termed as performer although with lots of questions to ask ranging from how well they understand the national issues. The selection of Shetima has generated so much backlash owing to his religious background. The interesting thing is, this concern, apart from being raised by Christians across the nation, the opposition party is also involved in the call for condemnation. Strategically looking at the ticket, they are candidates to beat.

One of our conversation editions was on Northern question, when it was done some friends from the North called to negate it but with the emergence of the PDP presidential candidate and the running mate of the APC presidential candidate, it is a further confirmation of the role the zone has been playing in our political history.

Tinubu-Shettima ticket has all it takes to win because he has picked from the North East that will divide the votes from the North; we will stop at this until the final list is out. But so far, this is a ticket to watch out for. The question is: Will the APC Tinubu-Shettima be able to lead rightly based on recent revelations and issues surrounding them.

Atiku-Okowa of PDP is not devoid of internal wrangling. Even though, Atiku is not strange to national politics his going against the zoning agitation is a major issue for him, his running mate even though a sitting governor is not also spared from this, having hosted the first southern governors meeting where-in they agreed on zoning, he eventually dropped his initial ambition to join Atiku. This has generated lots of questions and there is no way it won’t affect them at the polls. Even if they eventually settle with Gov Neyson Wike, their chances have been depleted by Tinubu and the sudden emergence of Peter Obi of the Labour Party.

The Labour Party candidate is a moving train, with high visibility on social media. Peter Obi and Dati Baba Ahmed combination is more prominent on social media and gathering heavy momentum. Their ability to convert social media ‘activist’ at the end will really determine their eventual success at the polls. They may be the eventual beneficiary of the contradictions rocking both leading parties in the country, but that is dependent on several factors.

These factors, although playing out, their ability to key into it really matters because even as there is major condemnation for the ruling and main opposition party, many are not seeing them as the alternative, even with its ‘Obidient Movement’ heavy presence on social media.

The coming period will throw more light on their chances, because no matter how we look at them now, it is too early and still difficult to determine who would be the winner. Even though the pendulum is swinging towards a direction based on the selection of running mates that was done based on voting strength and to get the same structure involved in the election process. While the conversation keeps tab on the unfolding developments, it is important to note that the nation needs a major shift and responsible leader to lead at this critical time. The social contradictions faced by the parties is what we need, who will resolve and return us to years back when there was no suspicion and fear of leadership regardless of your region and religion.

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