The Conversation has been put on hold as a result of issues that must be attended to. My intention is to suspend it till after party primaries but based on calls and popular demand of my views on the recent happenings with regards to the forthcoming general election is important at a time like this for record purposes.

Two of my former colleagues at the office of the former Speaker, Dimeji Bankole put calls across asking my opinion on who is best fit to lead the country based on my perceived interface with some of them via some structures I belong to. It is no longer news that 2023 will be most interesting as we have major players already declared intentions to run for the exalted highest political position in Nigeria amid security and economic challenges.

This is the first time we are having so much confusion within the polity as relates to election to hold or not, who to contest, issues of consensus, late signing of electoral act and even the cost of expression and nomination forms. The idea of zoning was first raised by southern governors but ever since the heat started, they seem to have retracted their demands as we no longer hear or read collective demands for the zoning of Presidency again. This seems to be the first time that the regions are rising against themselves in the contest for Presidency. As at last count, PDP has 16 persons to contest the presidential primary election. Before the end of last week, some respected northern PDP elders agreed on consensus so as to face the primary election as a united front, after much horse-trading settled for the former President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, and Bauchi State Bala Mohammed. This has elicited reactions from Governor Aminu Tambuwal a major contender and former Governor Sule Lamido an elder statesman, describing the consensus as some people’s opinion. Many have questioned the seriousness of the Northern PDP to grab the presidential ticket and against the call for zoning by the South and the zoning arrangement as enshrined in the party constitution.

  The Conversation will continue next week about the major contenders for the exalted office and try to sum it up with who the cap sincerely fits.

The numbers of heavy weights that have expressed interest to contest are amazing, but how many of them are prepared to lead the country? Who among them is a true Nigerian? Where do their strength lies from, and how do they plan to get delegates of their respective parties to get the ticket. The Conversation would look into roles expected of a party’s hierarchy and possibility of parties making moves to salvage their parties at all cost.

Nigeria has myriad of challenges this period, ranging from high level of insecurity, religion intolerance, bad economy, high level of borrowings to finance budget and deregulate downstream sector, in spite of promises made none of our refineries is working despite the huge sum voted for repairs, huge N4trillion fuel subsidy approval that may further sink the economy, secessionist movement are major issues bedeviling the nation. The question is: who among the aspirants can truly lead the country out of doldrums? What caliber of persons do we need to lead us because we are no doubt entering the most difficult period in the history of the country?

In the days ahead, APC will start selling her forms then we will know who and who is in the game. But so far, we need who can holistically take a bold lead without been too political, we need an intelligent person that can assemble best brains to work and restore the lost glory of the nation, one that will improve our monetary and economic policy leaving the party to play its roles as advisory, and above all a true real Nigerian. Agitations of state police, fiscal federalism, restructuring, etcetera need to be looked into with views of providing the best needed for a stronger and united Nigeria.

We will x-ray the major aspirants and zero it to who is best needed to lead us at a time like this. Get PVC, let us come together to make an important decision now.

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