2023: LP Chieftain Tasks Buhari On Neutrality, Promotion Of Free, Fair Elections

2023: LP Chieftain Tasks Buhari On Neutrality, Promotion Of Free, Fair Elections

By Paul Effiong, Abuja

The Head of Intervention Unit Peter Obi/Datti Presidential Campaign Organization, Dr. Ifedi Okwena has appealed to President Muhammedu Buhari not to renege on his earlier promise to free, fair and credible 2023 general elections.

He also urged President Buhari to leave a lasting legacy by providing a level playing ground to all political parties before, during and after next month’s general elections.

The Labour Party Chieftain made the call during an interview with our reporter in his office in Abuja over the weekend.

Dr Okwena who is also the Director General, DG Save Democracy Africa, SDA, an institution devoted to promotion of democratic ideals in Africa on the other hand urged Nigerians to support his Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, who he said has the all round capacity to pilot the affairs of the country, beyond people’s expectation.

The University Don during the interview called for improvement of the ongoing campaigns by political parties across the country alleging that some state governors from PDP and APC are frustrating the campaign train of other parties in the states they control.

He decried a situation where some state governors are stopping other parties from raising campaign bill boards and pasting posters of candidates from other parties in contravention of the Peace Pact signed by all the parties before the commencement of the current campaigns.

According to him, “different scenerios have been reported where the two main political parties have denied members of other political parties the right to use stadiums to carry out their campaign though they have paid for such places”.

He explained that the Peter Obi/Datti campaign are what Nigerians expect in the build up to the 2023 general elections adding that the Nigerian Youths have unanimously decided to take their destiny by their hands.

Dr Okwena also observed that Peter Obi Movement is as an Organic Movement where Patriotic Nigerians youths are making all the necessary sacrifices to ensure that a new dawn will emerge come May 29.

Reacting to a question on whether insecurity can affect the forth coming elections, he expressed concern over spate of insecurity and call on the federal government to make sure adequate security arrangement is in place to enable Nigerians of voting age feel secured while carrying out their civic obligations.

He also called on the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC to ensure technology deployed for the conduct of Feberary/March election are in good shape, devoid of human manipulation.

He pointed out that most Nigerian Youths have come to identify with the Labour Party presidential candidate because of his transparent and administrative prowess which has begun to affect exchange rate positively.

Speaking about the Labour Party Manifestos, Dr Okwena said it captured virtually all segments of the country including how and how not to tackle unemployment, women emancipation as well as turn Nigeria from the current consuming nation to a Production or manufacturing nation.

He explained that Peter Obi ability to govern Anambra state for 8 years without borrowing a dime to run the affairs of the state as well as revived moribund companies are guarantee that when given the chance to lead the country, he will turn the country around positively

He pointed out that Obi/Datti presidency won’t be to share the country meager resources but rather to raise and build a vibrant country and economy that every Nigerian now and in posterity shall be proud of.

He equally advised the INEC which is the electoral umpire to conduct free and credible elections in order to justify the confidence Nigerians reposed on them.

He repeatedly recalled Pesident Buhari’s statements that he will leave a legacy of credible election for Nigerians stressing that anything contrary might erode the President’s hard earned reputation,

Dr Okwena urged all to cast their votes for those with credibility observing that next month’s general elections will determine not just Nigeria’s future and present but that of posterity.