‘Is it ok for the wife to be the breadwinner of the family?’

‘Is it ok for the wife to be the breadwinner of the family?’

Aljazirahnews went to town to find out the reaction of people to this age-long question that has attracted diverse reactions from Nigerians in time past.

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Clara Asarachi, FCDA.

No, it’s not ok. Because the wife won’t have any respect for her husband anymore. She will just assume she is the head of the family.


Muhammad Abdulkareem, Businessman.

No. As a man, I am the head of the family, I should be able to take up all the responsibilities. But I don’t care what she earns as her salary, that should just be for herself. If I ask her to do something else with it that is where there will be a problem. I will just advise that husbands should just try as much as possible to take care of their family because if they allow their wives to get involved then there will be a huge misunderstanding and disrespect.


Ben Ike, resident

The answer is no. I will have to quote from the Bible. The Bible said, “woman should be under a man, be submissive to the husband be a helpmate not the breadwinner’’. Anything a woman has, she should present it to her husband and it should be between them, for me no woman can be the head of the family. Even if she is a billionaire, she is still under her husband.


Francis Yakubu, resident

It is not ok for a house wife to be the breadwinner of the family logically, but because of the current situation, things are hard so both husbands and wives need to help to support the family. And a situation where the husband lost his job, the wife will have to help. I believe if the love between a husband and wife is there she doesn’t need to show or tell the world that she is the person helping the family financially.


Abdulhameed Abdulsamad, Water Board.

In my own opinion it is ok but it also depends. If she will support the family without showing it to the whole world I believe it is not a problem.


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