(VOX POP) Should the FG sell off national assets in order to revive the economy?…or not

(VOX POP) Should the FG sell off national assets in order to revive the economy?…or not

Aljazirahnews went to town to garner the opinion of Nigerians over the recent proposed sale of national assets by the federal government which has been buffeted by economic recession in recent months. Excerpts-

Interview by Amina Isah

Godwin Ejiga, Unemployed Graduate

No, I don’t think they should sell it. If they decide to sell it today, when the country is in another problem tomorrow which property will they have to sell again? It’s a wrong decision. Those that are giving us that idea can do better than that. They have to look inward to see what they can develop, they should put money in agricultural sector. I don’t know if they have but they should. The last government did a lot in that aspect. Places like China, US and others feed themselves, we can also do that if they focus more on agriculture.


Isah Miyaki, Housing Agent

I don’t think the federal government should sell the country’s property, it’s not the next step to take. If it only belongs to the federal government, then they can do whatsoever they want with it, but it belongs to Nigerians. They might end up selling it to cronies that wouldn’t value it. So I suggest they look for another way out of this economic crisis.

Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman, Businessman

That’s a cowardly decision. How will they choose to sell our heritage? It is not fair, it is wrong. If they do that, where will they create employment from? How will they sell the national assets of our dear country, what sort of mentality is that? All those people are just there for their money, not for Nigerians.


Bitrus Christopher, FCTA

Well, to me it’s not a good idea. Why? It is because, this national asset is what the nation is relying on. Now if its sold, what will be left for the upcoming generation? We know we are in recession but it’s because we have always depended on oil. Selling off the property is not the problem but diversification. Let’s just go back to agriculture because that’s the best solution.

Bose Doro, civil servant

No, it doesn’t make sense. They should do something else with the assets that will bring money but not to sell it. That is my take on it. How many things do they want to sell to make up for what they need? It means soon they will start selling people.


Barrister Emmanuel Eke

I don’t think so. We have so many other things to revive the economy. Selling the assets is not the way out, what about the ones they have sold, what’s the outcome? They should think of another way forward.


Steve Imana, civil servant

I am not saying they should sell all the national assets because of our children, the leaders of tomorrow but the ones that are draining the resources of the country, those ones should be sold off. The ones that will generate income like the refineries should not be sold. Our leaders are over comfortable with their jets and all that. Their jets should be reduced. You hear ministers and senators having 2 or 3 jets but an ordinary man doesn’t even own a bike!

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