Why I ventured into community service, empowerment- Talakia Kure

Why I ventured into community service, empowerment- Talakia Kure

Meeting this vibrant Bokkos born middle aged lady on an average day is hectic. She looks simple, humble but is very busy. The mother of three is relatively unknown in the ‘NGO’ circle compared to the classical demand by her peers in our kind of society. Talakia Kure, now married to Pastor Andy Kure of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, (RCCG) is a public spirited individual.

Talakia Kure’s first encounter with AljazirahNigeria was last month when the medium traveled with her to Ado Azunu, a Gbagy settlement twenty kilometres off Karu-Kugbaru road. After several efforts to make her open up on her pet project, Hope Alive Ladies Ministry International, also known as HALMI, she finally agreed. Excerpts-

By Gaaden Puun


“It was the search for a child that led me to this vision. I was praying for a child and God gave me more than I had actually asked for.

Thank God for this vision, today, I have to share my family time with the less privileged, advocating for better welfare package for them.’’

Who is Talakia Kure

I am a mother of 3 married to Pastor Andy Kure. I decided to move to Karu in search of a cheaper meeting hall for  women not only for widows but for my pet  Project ” HALMI  Hands of Hope which includes Advocacy, skill acquisition training  for women and  youths  in ICT, fashion designing / tailoring, catering services, making of soap, fresheners, etc. We intend to discourage our ladies from commercial sex business and turn them into new leaves for a better way of earning a living by partaking in the skill training.’’

More about project

“I couldn’t afford a hotel room for a meeting of let’s say, a hundred widows in Abuja, so a family friend advised me to move to Karu and I came to Ado. From Ado, I further went to the hinterland and decided that I should get a piece of land for the skill advocacy training centre for HALMI.

“In reward to the natives of Ado Azunu, we decided that we should impact positively on them. We noticed that this community  with over two thousand people have no clean source of water. The villagers told us that they fetch their drinking water from a distant pond where both humans and animals jointly shared.’’

What I did

“I was moved and God inspired me into what we were to later provide. A borehole for them. Ado Azunu people needs many amenities: access roads, public schools, healthcare centre, water, etc. Maybe because of their hidden location, there is yet to be any government facility, so, we chose to provide water.

“Water is life. Both the adults, women, children and their livestock can all share from this borehole. Water, according to the late Afrobeat musician, Fela Kuti, has no enemy: visitor, residents, men, women, children, all will drink from it. We intend to erect an advocacy, skills training centre which will also impact positively on their women free of charge.”

Funding for projects?

For now, its self-effort. I have to start from my personal income. We also have a few volunteers, members and of course, the Almighty God.

Why Ado Azunu village?

Well, we are a faith based NGO searching for souls, so we move to virgin places and the Spirit directed us here.

Any clash of interest with family obligations?

Of course, there are instances but one has to make sacrifices to achieve results. There are times I have to beg my husband for his understanding especially, when one has to stay out late on the beat.

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